Liege Waffles: A Belgium Delight

Love at first bite. Belgium has a lot of waffles and the “regular” ones are fantastic but there is something extra special about those Liege Waffles. The sticky, slighty sweet, warm waffles that just makes everything bad in the world disappear…

 photo 243be19c-a16d-48ed-9ab0-37b901cd8e13_zpsrkcttvp6.jpg

Though it seems like just yesterday it has already been over a year since embarking on my trip to Europe. It was towards the end of November when I first arrived to Belgium. Belgium is the place to indulge! Beer. Chocolate. Fries (with a billion sauce options). Waffles. Indulge I did.

 photo 302b0763-1c40-4619-8d6c-013899e99174_zpskost5thk.jpg

 photo 6b75f1b9-0a39-43e4-b02b-df3a6c5dc831_zpscw65rjym.jpg

Though I tried to eat as many Liege waffles that my waist could endure, it just was not enough and I was immediately searching the internet for a good recipe.

 photo 65f2d0a8-95e4-4c5e-8aed-0729716ac4d2_zps3vtrvs3z.jpg

The recipe I found is from a blog that is all about Liege Waffles! The special ingredient for making these scrumptious waffles is Belgian Pearl Sugar. We had to order it (via “Waffle Pantry”) and then patiently await its arrival!

 photo cb78ca6f-0146-4ea0-8d0a-5c9b38271103_zpsvxtakivm.jpg

It was well worth the wait and we still have plenty of batches to be made from our 10 lb bag. This special sugar is meant to melt and coat the waffle with sticky goodness so be ready for a deep waffle iron cleaning!

 photo 6846a610-8c76-4463-a3c7-883f3aa02610_zpsbm28qimv.jpg

My mother did an excellent job recreating these delicious morsels! Though many like to top waffles with chocolate sauce, whip cream, and many more toppings, I find them best by themselves 😀

 photo 2e788046-1d72-4a2f-b061-6fc275edac8c_zpseum5bjt9.jpg

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