Beer was the first reason I wanted to start this blog…I love talking about beer and trying different kinds. I have my favorites but I am always open to taste more! This is only the beginning of the list…there will be plenty more so check again soon.

I am also hoping to start a beer of the month with my followers that are interested…I will select a beer to try and then throughout the month people can post their opinion…it will be like a national beer tasting event 🙂 Please let me know if you would enjoy this and also if you are in another state let me know so I can try and find a beer that is distributed in all the states that I have participating beer tasters!



1554 Enlightened Black Ale by New Belgium

Claymore Scotch Ale
…legendary “Wee Heavy” beers of Scotland. This dark, malty brew is rich in flavor with sweet tones of caramel…read more

Dark Rain Black Pale Ale
It has the flavor of a dark beer but not the heaviness which makes it a very delightful and flavorful beer. BridgePort describes it as…”hoppy with a more

Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Mirror Pond Pale Ale by The Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon is one of my favorite beers. This is the beer you can drink throughout the week…read more

Petrus Aged Pale

Single-Wide IPA by Boulevard Brewing Co.

Titan IPA by Great Divide Brewing Co.

Zora Rosemary Pale Ale
It smelt deeply of rosemary but only had subtle hints to taste. It is very hoppy, typical to many pale ales, but…read more

India Pale Lagers

AC Golden India Pale Lager
It has the hops of an India Pale Ale (IPA) but the lighter body of a Lager. It is the best of both worlds…read more

Shift Pale Lager by New Belgium


Christoffel Nobel
…interesting flavors all around…it was hoppy but balanced by a sweet…read more

Mexican Logger


Mama’s Little Yella Pils
Mama’s Little Yella Pils by Oskar Blues is the perfect beer at the bottom of the slope…read more


Black Butte Porter by Deschutes Brewery

Graham Cracker Porter
…won a Bronze Medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival…read more

Stone Smoked Porter
It smelt like a bonfire…getting me excited for summer camping trips! It is dark and complex in taste…read more


Ice Cream Clone Stout
This stout literally tastes like you are drinking vanilla bean ice cream with its strong vanilla character and…read more

VooDoo Stout by Left Coast Brewing Co.
It had a rich malty smell that foreshadowed it’s deep malt flavor. …read more

Wheat Beers

Agave Wheat
…wheat beer fanatic you will definitely enjoy this beer and even for those that don’t usually care for wheat beers you may find yourself sitting back on a patio…read more

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier
In 1516 a German beer “purity law” was established to regulate the processes and quality…read more

German Beers

B3K Schwarzbier
The B3K is rich and creamy with hints of chocolate and coffee with…read more

Green Lantern Kolsch

Maibock by Fort Collins Brewery
It is a Bock beer, which is a German style beer…A Bock beer is a heavy-bodied and bitter-sweet lager…read more

Paulaner Salvator (Doppelbock)
…guilty drinking such good-tasting beer, thinking that this strong beer was too much of an indulgence…read more

Spaten Optimator (Doppelbock)
It is malty with hints of chocolate and caramel making it a creamy dark beer…read more

Sunner Kolsch
A crisp, light, and refreshing beer is my beer preference on a hot day and…read more

Warsteiner Dunkel
It is very dark in color but it is medium-bodied, much lighter than a stout…read more

Gluten-free Beer

Estrella Damm Daura (Gluten-free)
…options for satisfying that crisp and cold beer craving…Daura is a great choice for a gluten-free beer…read more

Other Beverages

Cranberry Champagne
Celebration Drink for a Celebratory Day…read more


11 responses to “Beer

    • So I don’t know that I have had many Saisons (at least they were not labeled that). Denver Beer Company typically has a saison on their beer list but it changes weekly so it is always a different saison…they did one with basil and lavender. Someone told me they had a really good one recently but I don’t remember what was included in it. Do you have a favorite one?

  1. It´s a bit frustrating to see american people talking about beer from germany…knowing more about it than i do. It´s like travelling the world and realizing that the place where I live is so unknown to me…

    • ha ha well it is only because I did some research…I was taking a German culture and society class this last semester at school…learned so much! But for my research project I chose beer 🙂

      And I am the same way…when you live somewhere you don’t always know and appreciate everything you have…this blog is helping me learn more about what Colorado has to offer!

    • Hey Jolly Junketeer! Love you name (btw). I have not brewed my own beer yet but I am actually getting started on that this weekend! I am super excited! What is your favorite type of beer? Any tips for brewing?

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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