Brewers Brunch at the Corner Office

Brunch is always one of my favorite outings and my go-to cocktail is a Bloody Mary but how about beer cocktails and pairings for breakfast?! 🙂 The Corner Office is incorporating just that into their brunch with the Brewer’s Brunch!

 photo 5009ed01-5418-4058-a9c7-79ad7fe45277_zpswusgytc9.jpg

Back in September I attended a Brewer’s Brunch at the The Corner Office in downtown Denver. They have held a couple over several months but it has not been consistent yet. However, I think the idea is to eventually hold a monthly Brewer’s Brunch featuring a different brewery each time.

 photo 025e411c-75b6-4ed0-b9e3-de22196173de_zps8tlpzin4.jpg

This Brewer’s Brunch had three items to choose from: Beer Bread Pudding, Triple Dipped Monte Cristo, and Slow + Low Braised Pork Nachos. We felt it necessary to try them all 🙂 Initially we were only going to go with the bread pudding and triple dipped but the server highly recommended the nachos. Great choice! They were phenomenal and paired really nicely with the cutthroat porter. They also paired well with one of the beer cocktail choices: The Hop Outa Bed, which had the cutthroat porter, ricardo’s coffee liqueur, anchor eye liqueur, and cold steep espresso. The cocktail was a little sweet but since the nachos had a decent kick from the fresh jalapeños, it was good to follow a bite with a sip of beer!

 photo 15b22a60-8d53-42c9-a4dd-483d263dc2d9_zpsaoib1l4d.jpg

The Triple Dipped was a monte cristo (fried ham and cheese sandwich) that was beer battered and accompanied with fig jam. The beer used for cooking was the Oktoberfest which also paired nicely with this dish.

 photo DSC_0239_zpshjwekrns.jpg

The bread pudding was of course like dessert. It was topped with a rye bourbon syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries. We thought it was very delicious but we were not a fan of the cool whip; however, that might just be a preference thing.

The other beer cocktail available was a beer-mosa made with 90 Shilling. A beer-mosa typically combines a light beer and orange juice. I was not blown away by the 90 Shilling version but it was not bad.

 photo e7f16c41-c16d-41fd-9edc-70919df65fe6_zpsqptub3wl.jpg

This Saturday, January 30 at 11:30 am the Corner Office is bringing back Brewer’s Brunch with Avery as the partnering brewery. This one will be set up as a four course brunch accompanied by pairings.

Course One
Liliko’i Kepolo paired with Hawaiian Loco Moco Benny

Course Two
Joe’s Premium American Pilsner paired with Pilsner Crust Quiche

Course Three
Chai Brown Ale paired with Mini Tea and Coffee Biscuits

Course Four
Czar Stout paired with Braised Pork Nachos

Tickets are on sale now for $35.

 photo c4f6f612-098b-4b5a-9575-3c7ba5bc2b1d_zpsxejoieza.jpg

Disclaimer: I was invited into this restaurant and the food and drinks were complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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