Chocolate Stout Cake with Salted Caramel Beer Sauce

A coworkers birthday got me motivated to make a beer-inspired dessert. The Chocolate Stout Cake, previously featured on my blog, is a favorite so I made it again. But to shake things up a bit, I drizzled it with a Salted Caramel Beer Sauce.

 photo 4ec7edc6-80c1-42d5-ae8d-57a1779763a5_zpsthcmmvsd.jpg

This Salted Caramel Beer Sauce is amazing! You will find yourself looking for anything to put it on, and eating it by the spoonfuls. This sticky, ooey, gooey sauce has the perfect amount of saltiness to balance its naturally rich self.

 photo f593cf13-34db-4612-a59f-135e45b46a9d_zpsr1j9apti.jpg

Ironically, the beer used in the cake was the Salted Caramel Chocolate Milk Stout by Pateros Creek Brewing (Fort Collins, CO). There was a lot of chocolate coming through in the nose and a hint of sweet caramel. The chocolate definitely powered through more in the taste. It was good but it was hard to pick up on some of the caramel and sea salt notes mentioned.

Their description:
“In collaboration of flavor, we have released a beer for Qbala Music and her new album “Battle Cries”. Made with cocoa nibs, sea salt, and caramel, it’s a delicious take on a creamy milk stout.”

(Obala is a Colorado hip hop artist. It is awesome when breweries help support/promote local artists 🙂 )

 photo dfa8c25c-ad65-4d27-b863-e78239c7f4ff_zpsq8xdt1cs.jpg

For the caramel sauce I used Face Down Brown by Telluride Brewing. This is one of my favorite brown ales and I thought its malty, chocolaty character would do well in the caramel sauce.

 photo 277bc8f6-bc7e-4af1-aee4-af2d103b1769_zpsrftqugq0.jpg

The Chocolate Stout Cake has been presented on the blog before and the recipe can be found here.

The caramel recipe I found over at The Beeroness. Jackie has a wonderful blog with so many mouthwatering recipes! The ingredients are included here but visit her blog for the full instructions.

Salted Caramel Beer Sauce
~Recipe by Beeroness

2 cups sugar
½ cup beer (malty beer- ex: brown ale)
8 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened, cut into cubes
1 cup heavy cream, room temperature
1 tsp flakey sea salt

 photo 68aa6b50-c4d8-4f00-aa64-34c88cc146d5_zps3wrewnih.jpg

This dessert turned out wonderful. The caramel sauce is really rich but a little drizzled on the cake was divine. The recipe makes quite a bit so you will also have plenty for topping your ice cream- yum!! 😀 Happy my first time making caramel was successful, I just might get addicted!

 photo 8c23649a-97ef-42c7-b051-5f92d7532769_zps2xa3sqiv.jpg

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