A Single Hop and I’m Back!

It has not been a lack of inspiration and it definitely hasn’t been a lack of drinking beer! Apparently, it has taken me longer than expected to get accustomed to a “grown up” job. While I was in school, I always managed to distract myself with blogging but now after spending 8 hours in front of a computer, I have found it unappealing to pull my laptop out to blog after work! Today puts a stop to that. Lilly Sue is back and ready to talk beer and bites!


The first beer up is the Single Hop IPA from Station 26 Brewing. This beer is a perfect summer IPA with juicy citrus and tropical notes from the mosaic hops used. Single hop indicates the use of only one type of hop and Station 26 says that “each batch of our ever-evolving Single Hop Series utilizes a different hop for a unique IPA experience.” This is exciting but I hope that each version is as good as this one!

Single Hop is tasty and goes down easy; I recommend grabbing a six-pack for your next adventure to the outdoors!


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14 responses to “A Single Hop and I’m Back!

    • Totally understandable. I know not everyone likes the single hop beers but I have had a few I like and this is one of them! Of course, this series is a rotating hop so not always the same beer.

  1. Glad to see you back! As an 8 to 5 office lady, I totally get it. For me, setting realistic goals (which, for me, sadly, is now about 1 post a month) is key. I love seeing the beautiful setting where this beer sits. It looks like such a nice getaway!

  2. Welcome Back – Cheers! I have missed you and think about you everytime I drink a beverage out of the glass I received from you 🙂 I hear you in not wanting to interact with another screen once home from work. Happy Day – Enjoy!

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