Smoked Porter, Sliders, and more!

Before anyone can even wonder about the type of beer that is to the right, they are probably curious about the size. This is a half yard (32 oz) beer…its name revealing the height of the glass. It was my first time having such a tall beer and it was quite entertaining…definitely a two handed beer and I had to drink rather slowly so it didn’t end up all over my face. This is the Smoked Porter by Stone Brewing Company (California). In the past I have had samples of smoked beers but nothing like this. It smelt like a bonfire…getting me excited for summer camping trips! It is dark and complex in taste…hints of chocolate and coffee with a smoked flavor.

The beer pours a deep dark color with a creamy head. To make this beer the malts are smoked before the brewing process. In the end they have created a very unique porter. The Stone Brewing Co. recommended drinking it with meats and fine chocolates. Yum!

Restaurant Review: I originally went to the Yard House to try some of their German beers because in a couple weeks I will be dedicating a week to German beer! But I had a very lovely time and thought I would do a review on the Yard House as well. I am sure all the Yard Houses are a little different but the downtown Denver Yard House was a very lively place, even on a Monday…yes, I was in dire need of happy hour on Monday 🙂 The restaurant caters to multiple needs with lots of TVs for the sport fans, over a 100 beer options, and food of various types…some of the happy hour appetizers included chicken nachos, spring rolls, Ahi Tuna, and blue crab cakes. For someone like me, all the choices make it more difficult to order! No, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant. The servers were knowledgeable in all their food and beer. I was able to chat beer with the server which for me is always a good time. I love learning more from other people. Also, for those who are all about the dining experience…I can say they had large comfy booths! Alright, so I notice a lot in a restaurant…even the bathrooms…I considered taking a picture of the cool waterfall faucets 🙂

The Ahi Tuna was seared rare, lightly blackened and served with a soy vinaigrette, wasabi and pickled ginger. The vinaigrette was very delicious, packed with lots of flavor. Though I thought it was very tasty, a simple Ahi Tuna dish can also be delightful. Pasta Princess posted a very simple Ahi Tuna recipe yesterday if you are looking to make it at home.

I also tried their sliders…both the classic and the béarnaise. The classic sliders were complimented with cheddar cheese. The béarnaise sliders were similar to the classic but were topped with the béarnaise sauce and fried onions. Béarnaise is similar to a hollandaise sauce that is usually apart of eggs benedict. It includes butter, eggs and herbs.

Yard House Locations: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusettes, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Virginia

Also, check out my happy hour page for more details on the happy hour specials at the Yard House.


7 responses to “Smoked Porter, Sliders, and more!

  1. I loved these pictures. It looks delicious. I am trying to fine restaurants that serve fine wines. My husband and I like to go out and get wine at different restaurants every weekend.

    • Are you in the Denver area? I will continue to post about restaurants so keep checking back! Have you been to the Cork? They have fine wines and cheese platters 🙂

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  3. Hey Lillian – this is really awesome. Why don’t you do a post on how to make an awesome Moscow Mule – I didn’t see one on here already.

  4. Hi 🙂 Nice post … you would love this shop near where I live called Vintage Estate Wine & Beer ( – they currently house over 1000 craft beer labels and have all kinds of tasting events, music, etc. That picture of the tuna looked awesome!! The sliders didn’t look too shabby either! Thanks so much for the link to my post!!

    • Definitely sounds like something I would love!! If I am ever in that area I will have to check it out…my brother’s wife is from Akron and they are currently in Columbus so I might make it to that area 🙂

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