Grapes vs. Grains 2015: A Recap

A couple weeks ago EatDenver held their annual Harvest Week. Starting with a Sunday brunch and then five themed dinners, the week was full of a variety of food and fun.

 photo 68d415e3-ed90-49e1-86f9-cab25179889b_zpsdyjzkbvr.jpg

The event is held at the GrowHaus, which “is a non-profit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center that provides healthy and affordable food for the surrounding community.” It is an awesome venue for an event like this and it is incredible to see how they transform the space into a warm social dinner party.

 photo 60c74b2b-1ed6-4bb6-85a2-3aa9968b64a0_zpsicsujmmj.jpg

The event is set up picnic style, as in guests bring their own place settings. People are encouraged to go all out and a winner is selected each night. The winner just so happened to be sitting at my table…

 photo 0ca10b39-01fa-4f7b-a791-8d91ec6173ae_zps9rjt8wwl.jpg

The evening starts off with a little social hour with a choice of beer, wine, or a cocktail. This is a great way to mingle and get a little relaxed, as we should every evening 🙂 , before sitting down for dinner. We started with the Salida Sour, which starred Woods Tenderfoot Whiskey with Marakash Mint, chai orgeat syrup, punt e mes (vermouth), sorel, and lemon juice. This was a very unique cocktail that was even served with an edible flower ice cube! It was tart and tasty 🙂

 photo 21dacf6d-b2c2-4aa0-b4d1-f1c5b3423f4a_zpscub7rxoh.jpg

Ratio Beerworks was serving their French Saison, which we switched to after the cocktail. Ratio is a newer brewery in the RiNo area that makes good beer!

Once we were seated, an hors d’oeuvre came out..the Tartine had a great combination of flavors- loved the dill!

1st Course: The Netherlands
Aquavit Cured Coho Salmon Tartine (Restaurant: Jax Fish House)
Seeded wheat bread, dill butter, arugula, scallions, herbs, lemon oil, ricotta salata

 photo 26b91657-efac-4ead-9e22-dc6ee751b58a_zps9caiaczq.jpg

Each restaurant was in charge of a course and assigned a country. This rice dish that was up next seemed basic but was an amazing combination of flavors. This is where the pairings began and the Belgian Triple was the winner, in my opinion. This triple was very tasty and combined with the dish well.

2nd Course: Costa Rica
Pollo Con Arroz (Restaurant: Adelitas Cocina y Cantina)
Marinated chicken, rice, red and green peppers, celery, plantains, onions, garlic, sour cream chives
Wine Pairing: Carlson Vineyards Dry Gewürztraminer
Beer Pairing: Former Future – Belgian Triple*
*my vote

 photo 070b915e-cb0f-4c99-8a9c-2fcbf7ffad05_zpsd2pgy82n.jpg

Next was Germany! Before even tasting the combination, it’s hard to think beer could not win on this one! 🙂 Though I was surprised Ace was in charge of Germany, they did the dish well! It was all awesome and the Fresh Hop tasted yummy with it.

3rd Course: Germany
Schlactschussel (Restaurant: Ace Eat Serve)
German butchers plate of assorted sausages, sauerkraut, roasted apples, mustard
Wine Pairing: Creekside Cellars WTF White (100% vigonier)
Beer Pairing: Great Divide – Fresh Hop*
*my vote

 photo f123bc58-eec8-4b38-be81-808a8622408a_zpszgrong2h.jpg

Coming from Argentina…was an outstanding steak chimichurri. Though the Wild Sage Saison was stellar, the Carbernet Franc still won with the steak. The wine was delicious and who does not love red wine with steak?! 🙂

4th Course: Argentina
Grilled Skirt Steak Chimichurri (Restaurant: Vine Street Pub)
Charred baby carrots, fingerling potatoes, honey-spiced pepitas, orange segments, South American olive oil
Wine Pairing: Guy Drew Vineyards Cabernet Franc*
Beer Pairing: Crooked Stave – Wild Sage Saison
*my vote

 photo b54c69f2-b985-412a-8138-424fe3e54e6f_zpsnq6c3hxd.jpg

The last course was dessert and as you can probably imagine, I was a little full by this point. It was a fairly light dessert and paired the best with the scotch ale from Ratio. However, I cannot describe it much more than that since I was utterly stuffed! I wish I could taste it again to enjoy it 🙂

5th Course: France
Peach Mousse Joconde (DiFranco’s Italian Restaurant)
Palisade peach mousse, caramel mousse & white chocolate mousse, almond crust, bruleed peach
Wine Pairing: Canyon Wind Cellars Petit Verdot
Beer Pairing: Ratio – Hold Steady Scotch Ale*
*my vote

 photo 056d5a12-a7c1-4e76-a4b6-5567a7ccf6d6_zpsil1ivpkj.jpg

Though myself and the others at my table voted beer the most, wine ended up winning in a close battle of 237 to 222. Let’s beat those grapes next year!!

The Grapes vs. Grains dinner was a wonderful time and I am already excited for next year’s Harvest Week. I will have to try a different themed night!

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  1. What a Fun Event – love to do something like this! We went to the Shelton Brothers Festival and had a blast with all the saisons, tarts, sours, lambics, cuvees, wild ales from all over the world. Cheers!

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