The Final Countdown…Preview: GABF 2015

It is almost that time for the Great American Beer Festival 2015! This year it is going to be bigger and better!? Well, it is definitely going to be bigger with the space expanded 90,000 square feet, allowing 60,000 attendees which is about a 11,000 increase from 2014. There is also going to be an increase in beer with over 3,500 beers to try from 750 breweries. You get to decide whether it’s better- I know that I sure am stoked!

Photo credit ‘Photo © Brewers Association’

Photo credit: ‘Photo © Brewers Association’

With the extra space the Brewers Association is bringing more educational and entertainment opportunities. New this year, the BeerX: The Craft Experience will feature Sit & Sip (sit with brewers and learn about their beers), You Be the Judge (learn how to evaluate beer), Craft Beer Deconstructed (learn about and taste the ingredients in beer), and The Art of Craft Beer (art inspired by craft beer). To find out more and check the schedule for each night visit the website.

This year they will also have a Meet the Brewers section with almost 100 breweries present and employee staffed. If you want to get behind the scenes a little more, you should definitely check it out.

Great Divide

As I am still a total newbie at navigating GABF, here is my plan but feel free to share any suggestions! This is only my second time attending and I will admit I found it very overwhelming the first time. This year I am going prepared! Well, hopefully 🙂

  • Download the My GABF app, if you have not already
  • Spend some time marking the breweries you want to visit
  • Check out the beers being poured! Luckily, we have a handy pour list provided by PorchDrinking.Com! It’s a long list so grab a beer and sit back! 😀
  • Organize the breweries to visit in order of region
  • Get your butt to the GABF and have a great time!!

If you’re not attending GABF, no worries! There is plenty of good beer to drink around town. Enjoy all the GABF 2015 festivities in the Mile High City! To follow what I am drinking this week, connect with me on twitter (@lillysues) and instagram (@lillysuesbitesandbrews). Come back and visit for a post review!


Allagash Lady Fingers

Allagash Lady Fingers


GABF 2013

Strong Ale Fest

Strong Ale Fest

Women in Beer

Women in Beer


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