With all the craft beer available it is hard enough to keep track of the local beers, let alone the ones that do not distribute here. Resin is not available in Colorado but another beer lover brought me one after a trip to Oregon and I am so glad he did! 😀 Yes, it’s a brewery in NY and for some reason it distributes to the west coast and skips us!


Resin is a nice copper color. It has a very sweet aroma with not much hops in the nose. In the first sip I did not feel this beer met up to hype but with each additional sip I felt the flavor grew. Swishing the beer around in your mouth showed this beer had more depth. Resin, by Sixpoint Brewery, is a Double IPA that sits at 9.1% ABV. The sweet smell in the aroma did not properly prelude the taste. The hops were much more prevalent. Overall, Resin is incredibly balanced and actually refreshing. Poured from its nice slender 12 oz can into a mason jar, this beer was enjoyed on a patio 🙂


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