The Much Sought after Pliny and Russian River

Every beer fanatic and friend of a beer lover has heard of Pliny the Elder. It is hard to get and ridiculously delicious! Whether Russian River developed one of the best business models of keeping demand high and supply low to make us beer starved or just simply cannot produce enough, it’s working 🙂

 photo 0087902f-76c4-4eb4-b272-c55912d75017_zpsd0gxkyl2.jpg

It’s hard to get your hands on it and when you do find it, it’s usually limited. Having enjoyed Pliny on occasions, I was ecstatic to actually be able to visit Russian River Brewery. I have heard of the grueling long lines to just enter but when we showed up, no wait! Though it made me think people might be a little exaggerative, there was, indeed, a line when we left 😛 The brewery was pretty packed. There was a long wait for a table but we eventually found a stool at the bar and cozied up next to locals.

 photo 57a49a85-792a-46d6-a9b7-206e6065a8dc_zpsniqrct8u.jpg

First things first- I ordered a Pliny! Pliny the Elder is a Double IPA that comes in at 8% ABV. Grapefruit from the hops stimulate the nose. The beer is packed with hops for hophead lovers like me but there is little bitterness. It is very smooth and finishes clean. It is an all around incredible IPA.

 photo 584e3286-f62d-45b9-a738-f49ed40923bc_zpsokqjvzsg.jpg

Pliny gets known nationally but I really could not name any other beers from Russian River so I decided to get a flight. The huge flight of 18 beers is definitely the way to go if you’re in a group but I requested half since I was drinking most of them alone :/ I went with the Belgian inspired ales and maybe I should have known better but they were nothing in comparison to the excellence of Pliny the Elder! However, I did like the Consecration Dark Sour that is aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels.

 photo a0641541-7fa7-4a0b-9eb2-6ef6bde7711c_zpscrbsy92h.jpg

We met some very entertaining folks who had enjoyed quite a few Blind Pigs. Blind Pig is an excellent beer as well. It is an IPA that is very hoppy like Pliny but more refreshing and a little easier to drink. It comes in at 6.1% and has a nice crisp finish. Blind Pig would definitely be a go to IPA if I could get my hands on it!

 photo 89227e27-9c39-4e57-9986-8252340de4d7_zpsurauanzm.jpg

I had a great time at Russian River and I am so glad I got to go! I only wish I could have taken a case of Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig with me! 😀


 photo a38aad4b-a15f-431e-8704-39922de9242b_zpswxbsnsqa.jpg

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11 responses to “The Much Sought after Pliny and Russian River

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  3. Love their sours 🙂 We stood in line for 45 minutes to get a t-shirt and some take home beers last time we were there and it was worth it. I am with you in that I think they created something – cult, obsession, thirst, etc. – ha! All in good fun though and in enjoying craft beer. Happy Weekend – Enjoy – Cheers!!!

  4. Glad you made it out that way! Melissa and I shared an entire flight, and it was definitely the right call. I’m lucky enough that my folks live nearby such that they generally make sure that a couple Pliny’s and Bling Pigs are in the fridge when I visit!

    • Ya ask them about it because in less you are lucky enough to show up when they are putting it on the shelves you probably won’t get it :/ I hope you will find it!

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