San Francisco And…

I finally made my way to San Francisco! The opportunity arose just prior to commencing my new job. Five days were packed with hiking, touring, eating, and drinking!

 photo 8ab6dc9d-eb46-44ff-8e9a-919682e21779_zpsxeyavuxe.jpg

We did a day hiking in the Muir Woods, complete with cheese, bread, salami, and a bottle of wine, reminiscent of our time in Italy 🙂

 photo 1af1656f-b7fe-4e5c-bac5-cba32e773d0b_zpsjeyagdrj.jpg

After the hike we headed to Sausalito where I had my first Philz’s coffee. Delicious! I wish we had it here. Later on my trip I went to the original one in the Mission District and tried the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. I am not even a huge mint person but this iced coffee was unreal! It was so refreshing.

 photo 98b8d8d9-123b-4837-97f4-cb50e7f09a60_zpszhuhflyi.jpg

After some happy hour drinks and appetizers we headed to Fish. It is right on the bay and has lots of outdoor tables as well as some tables inside. It’s an order at the counter and then find a seat to plop down kind of joint. The fish is caught fresh daily and local! We tried both the fish over pasta and fish over salad. It was all amazing! Everything was seasoned perfectly to not overpower the natural flavor of the fish. (I am craving it now! 😀 )

 photo f72b6bcb-7d63-4756-9624-fb0360748745_zps90ue3jiu.jpg
 photo 2137215a-8242-4b04-a6a7-e23b1dd8c7d4_zps31hgh2dm.jpg

The next couple days I spent on my own. I did the typical bike across the Golden Gate Bridge (so awesome!). The ride down the big hill to Sausalito was beautiful and so much fun!

 photo 25006d77-e1c6-47a9-8c95-3c43e1a3393f_zps9z4npbzx.jpg

Another day I explored Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, and got lured in by the many fun vendors in the Ferry Building (Yummy Almond Brittle!!). After walking around for a while, I headed to the 21st Amendment Brewery for a deliciously refreshing Hell on High Watermelon Wheat! I just could not resist when I saw it was served with an actual slice of watermelon 🙂

 photo bc86e584-2bb9-44fe-b8cb-de00067b8563_zpscixc1yfe.jpg

On the weekend I joined up with a friend of my brother’s. He took me to his favorite beach: Rodeo Beach. We arrived as a bunch of surfers were going out on the water and not long before the sun was setting.

 photo e72c43ae-f287-4a24-9c74-592e92390035_zpsra0oap7t.jpg

The next morning we headed to Petaluma. We walked around the town for a little while and got some breakfast at the Tea Room Cafe. It was a very cute cafe with lots of yummy options. I enjoyed my omelet with avocado, tomato, spinach, and goat cheese.

 photo 55d92def-9c61-407d-9b13-7d1a67d83794_zpsrfb546ij.jpg

For those like me, you’ve heard of Petaluma because of it being home to Lagunitas! A little after opening time we headed there 🙂 It was not originally in the plan but I love Lagunitas and I was excited to get to check it out! They have an awesome large open outside area with lots of long wooden tables. Even with all the “space” they were packed! We did a small flight but could not stay for long because we were on a schedule 🙂

 photo 99a7349b-0524-44f4-9fc0-0041960da8bc_zpsbxzzmw9y.jpg

Russian River was the main goal of my trip. That’s extreme but I was really hoping to be able to get to Russian River since I love Pliny and rarely get to drink it. Before going though, we managed to pull off a wine tasting in Sonoma! Then to refuel we went to Glen Ellen Star. This restaurant was phenomenal. Everything is cooked in their wood fired oven. We started with the wood fired brussels sprouts and shishito peppers then we shared the Lamb Ragu and one of the pizzas. I did not get a chance to snap any photos but just trust me- it was incredible!

 photo 57a49a85-792a-46d6-a9b7-206e6065a8dc_zpsniqrct8u.jpg

Next and last stop was Russian River…It needs its own page so stay tuned! 😀

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