Sesh Fest 2015: A Recap

Over 40 breweries pouring their summer throw back beers, tons of lawn games scattered around, a live band, and plenty of fun made up this year’s Sesh Fest! It was such a blast! Sesh Fest is a festival that celebrates session beers which they define as anything less than 5% ABV yet have a good balance of flavor for high drinkability.

 photo P8011728_zps1cnk7hb2.jpg

Though shade was scarce, it was a gorgeous, sunny day that made random squirt gun shots feel amazing 🙂 For those not from Denver that do not recognize the large “dancing people”, these are the sculptures outside of the Denver Performing Arts Center. It was an excellent spot for this festival.

 photo P8011712_zpsa6dhzauo.jpg


Though typically I love those strong, robust, and hoppy beers, I enjoyed having some easy drinking beers on such a scorching hot day.

 photo P8011780_zpsi6oilx6i.jpg

The first few I downed literally tasted like beer-flavored sparkling water. I by no means mean that as a bad thing but they were very light. The Peach Berliner from Dads and Dudes tasted like peach flavored water with a hint of beer. The Gose from Big Choice tasted like lemonade. Someone mixed that with the Raspberry beer from Station 26 and it really made for a good balance of flavors.

 photo P8011724_zpsyecfkusl.jpg

The Dry Hopped Wheat from Cannonball Creek was definitely a good one. Slow Ride Session IPA from New Belgium is also a very flavorful sessionable beer. Tivoli was present again and I always enjoy their lager.

 photo P8011740_zpsfx6noeeh.jpg


If you knew me personally you would know how competitive I am and yes, even with lawn games! I take pretty much every game seriously and this festival had them all! There was ping pong tables, corn hole, smash ball, kan jam, and four square! I could not believe they had four square- totally brought back elementary school days.

 photo P8011753_zpsuobrabvg.jpg

Along with all the many games, there was a live band. Though I enjoyed listening, it did not start a dance party, probably due to everyone being packed like sardines in the few shady areas.

 photo P8011766_zpsqjuidtk3.jpg


Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I ran into old friends which was awesome. I also ran into this guy in the lovely t-shirt which my boyfriend ordered immediately after.

 photo P8011744_zpsyfty8mxb.jpg

The festival provided something for everyone. A couple local cider companies were represented for those less into beer and even many of the beers differed from typical flavors. It was my first time attending and I would definitely go again. Though I love all the festivals they can definitely wear a hole in your wallet but this one was only $25. It also provided a big open space and lots of lawn games, which I have already admitted bring out the worse best in me 😀

 photo P8011746_zpsmmkz2gvu.jpg

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