Bomber Friday: Campfire Stout

It’s Friday, so grab your favorite six-pack on the way home from work or enjoy a new beer. Bombers are 22 fl oz bottles of beer that often contain a brewery’s elite or unique concoction. Like a good bottle of wine, they are great for sharing and sipping 🙂 Stay tuned for periodic blasts of bomber Fridays.

It is hard to really complain about the ridiculous amount of gorgeous sunny days we have had in Colorado this winter/spring but I was pretty excited to finally have a little bit of colder weather. I was waiting for the right moment to pop open one of the special stouts I have been saving; With the chilly weather and snow, yesterday felt like the perfect time. Though many people drink stouts year round, including me, there is something about drinking a delicious malty, roasted stout on a cold day. This was not just any stout either. On my trip to San Diego a couple months back (full post to come), I brought back the Campfire Stout by High Water Brewing (San Jose, CA).


Upon cap release, I smelt chocolate and graham cracker. It had a very yummy sweet smell and I caught hints of the molasses that is added during brewing. The thought that came to mind after the first sip was “Oh my goodness”. This beer follows through in the taste. Graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, and molasses all come through in the flavor. The Campfire Stout with 6.5% ABV is a sweet dessert stout with a lot of flavor yet it is somehow delicate in your mouth. Though rich, it is still very drinkable. It definitely makes you want s’more! 🙂 I would love to be enjoying this by a campfire!


Description on the bottle:

Campfire Stout evokes fond memories of wilderness and camping adventures. Notes of chocolate and graham cracker topped with a hint of marshmallow will leave you wanting a s’more. Like any campfire experience, this beer is best shared with a warm circle of family and friends.

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