Have Another Cocktail at Session Kitchen

Session Kitchen has plenty of cocktails to meet everyones desires! The bartenders will mix you up one from the menu or create a special concoction to fit your taste buds or mood. A couple weeks back I got the pleasure of tasting some of these fine cocktails while enjoying some yummy appetizers and dinner.

Session-110113-16[Photo courtesy of Session Kitchen]

Though I thought nothing bad could come from this evening, I experienced the ultimate blogger catastrophe…I lost all my photos! I guess there is a first for everything and now I just hope I can paint this dining experience with my words 🙂

We started out with a couple cocktails, of course! I had to try the Cambodian Mule because the addition of coconut sake had me intrigued. This mule had vodka, coconut sake, kar lime leaf, lime juice, and ginger beer. As presumed, it was a very light and refreshing cocktail. The coconut flavor was present but by no means overdone. It was kind of a chilly night so not quite the cocktail to fit my mood but I had to try it. My brother joined me on this adventure and he started off with an Old Fashion. It is always good to know if a bar can do the basics. He very much enjoyed it.

As for an appetizer, we began with a little cheese plate. It was served with slightly grilled bread and some pickled vegetables. The cheese was incredible! I don’t believe it was listed on the menu so I am not sure what kind it was but it was a soft, goat cheese. After snacking on that we tried the Spinach and Sunchoke Dip. Until now, I had never had sunchokes. The dip was seasoned with black pepper and topped with a crusted parmesan layer and served with fry bread. The parmesan top was the tastiest part! The actual dip could have been a little more flavorful or more cheese throughout! 😀

The next round of cocktails were both bartender specialties. He made a spinoff from a manhattan with a smoked addition 🙂 It was amazing and probably my favorite of the night! Then he also whipped up a beer cocktail that had an IPA, whisky, fernet, and some other ingredients. The fernet helped to cut the bitterness from the hops. I found out that I am not a huge fan of fernet or at least for me it was too much but still a clever cocktail.

Before dinner and choosing final pairings, we had to try the Jalap-eño Business. This was a frothy drink from the egg white with a slight spice from the jalapeno. It had 8yr bacardi, ancho reyes liqueur, tamarind, jalapeno, lemon juice, and egg white. I really enjoyed this cocktail.

Session-110113-7[Photo courtesy of Session Kitchen]

After looking at the entrees, we finally decided on the Spaghetti & Prawns and the Fried Chicken. The Spaghetti was their house made OO spaghetti and baby kale Galliano (a sweet herbal liqueur) brown butter. Though wine would have been nice with this dish I wanted to pair a beer with it. The bartender and I agreed the Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale by Boulevard Brewing would be a good choice. I loved the Galliano brown butter flavor and this dish made great leftovers!

My brother had the fried chicken which came with a crispy potato skin salad, tasso ham gravy, tarragon, and lemon vinaigrette. Though I cannot recall exactly which beer we paired with the chicken, I believe it was the White Rascal Witbier by Avery Brewing. We felt the fried chicken was OK but nothing special and the gravy was too salty.

They have a large open space. I love the layout of the place and the artwork. We sat at the bar to ensure upfront attention from the bartenders 😉 We had wonderful service and really enjoyed both the bartenders we got to chat with. Overall we had a nice dining experience. Cocktails are definitely their specialty!

Disclaimer: I was invited into this restaurant and this meal was complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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