Glueck & Selig and the blessings of friendships

True friends are hard to come by and they can be hard to keep but with some, it almost seems easy. Someone that you can be silly with yet have meaningful conversations, laugh and cry with, and someone that challenges you, is a special friend. I met a friend like this seven years ago when she was on an exchange year in Colorado. I feel fortunate that she was placed in my high school and in that year we grew very close and became inseparable (so much that my boyfriend at the time was jealous 🙂 ). Parting ways was hard but we both knew it was not the end and after two years of saving up money I went to visit her during a summer break from college. Then, with a much larger gap, I recently saw her again after five years. It was like nothing had changed though. It did not feel like five years but like just yesterday that we were drinking bottles of wine in parks, taking silly photos, crying together, and having conversations about relationships, love, and life. Though thousands of miles and a large body of water separate us, Florentine is a friend for life and I feel truly blessed to have met her.

 photo Flo-collage2_zpsd9469b5b.jpg

While in Hamburg, I got to visit this lovely cafe, Glück & Selig, which translates to lucky and blessed. Started by friends, Lina (Florentine’s sister) and Rike, this cafe invites you in with a warm smile.

 photo 7271de8a-dcef-489c-b51a-93425bef1e60_zps173dbde8.jpg

Friends since the 1st grade, Lina and Rike finally started this cafe in April 2011, fulfilling a long time dream of theirs. This cafe is the beautiful creation of their idea put into reality.

 photo d3f492d2-821e-4296-a310-2fdb82a68598_zps155ee0bf.jpg

First walking in, the the beautiful decor and immediate warm atmosphere exhibits the work and love they have put into their cafe. The homemade food and delicious coffee follow it up, making this a wonderful place to visit with friends and family.

 photo 93871a9a-b630-4c30-aacc-d205d29f0f37_zps4b746d69.jpg

Glueck and Selig serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and other hot beverages, and cakes and crumbles. Breakfast is 9-12 on weekdays and 9-3 on the weekends.

 photo 35362c84-410c-457e-9db0-d6c43cd3b0a4_zps0c2eba20.jpg

During the weekdays, there are two daily lunch dishes with one of them usually being a soup.

 photo e51a9cbb-7121-4210-958f-5c9d6cfbdfe8_zps83205c90.jpg

The first time in, we went for lunch with Florentine’s dad. The lunch specials were gorgonzola pasta and a pumpkin soup. I went with the pasta and it was amazing! It was perfectly cheesy- the gorgonzola was not overpowering. I did not get to try the soup but it looked wonderful.

 photo 2a74d5c4-e464-4f0c-92d7-64b01ee6a827_zpse4da2e27.jpg

Along with the changing daily lunch specials, paninis and homemade seelen, a special bread from the south of Germany, can be ordered for lunch. I did not get to try any of these but I definitely will if/when I get to visit again!

 photo 85f826f3-8a89-48bc-9086-bd9a3c92ea10_zpsc6900e71.jpg

After lunch we enjoyed some pastries and coffee. The crumble is stellar! It comes out warm with a side of vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream. We also tried an almond cake which was good as well, but incomparable to the raspberry crumble.

 photo fbd7ba22-2869-4091-9c0b-9aec66a372aa_zpse61bd33f.jpg

On another visit to the cafe, I enjoyed breakfast. It was a typical Germany-style breakfast with breads, cheeses, meats, and spreads. It was accompanied by a delicious yogurt parfait. I do not believe all these breads are made in house but the croissant was absolutely amazing, regardless. It was so flaky and buttery! Though the breakfast was good, I would not consider it their specialty. The daily lunch specials, coffee, and crumbles are definitely where they exceed!

 photo 062da572-5a59-49e7-acd6-a5ffc342e518_zps923d7d89.jpg

The cafe is in a fairly small space with only about ten tables inside. When the months get warmer, sitting outside is also an option. Glück & Selig is located in the Eimsbüttel neighborhood not to far from the Osterstrasse station.

 photo 348a792e-ec43-4bbf-985a-6901b05766fa_zps6d13f1bd.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Thirteen Thirtyfive by Dillon

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7 responses to “Glueck & Selig and the blessings of friendships

  1. Aw, this post is beautiful Lilly Sue. I do think that friendships that have spanned many years are definitely ones to treasure, no matter how many air miles or dollars you end up clocking up! Florentine definitely sounds like a heart sister and I’m glad that you got a great chance to catch up properly. As for the cafe? Beautiful. So homely, quaint, warm and inviting. I’ll definitely put it on my list for any future trips to Hamburg! xx

    • Laura, thank you! It was great to catch up with her and I hope it will be sooner than later before we meet again 🙂 The cafe is exactly how you described it! It is both the atmosphere and the people that give it that.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more – good friends definitely should be treasured, this was so eloquent 😀
    Your mate and you look like you had an incredible time!

    Choc Chip Uru

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