The Bavarian Breakfast

Munich is very well known because of its annual Oktoberfest and the Bavarian culture demonstrated through this large festival. But it’s not just during Oktoberfest that litres of beer are thrown back.

 photo c1f4c947-ef10-4ffa-88b1-a4a546198a19_zpsee923238.jpg

The biergartens are fully occupied at any sight of sun and it makes for a very fun environment 🙂

 photo 9a02c42f-69b6-487e-969e-ef8566c69438_zpsf03ad25e.jpg

People go with friends and family and bring picnics or buy something delicious at the markets. Sausages are very popular in this region of Germany and they are available in many different ways.

 photo 41e106bf-cdde-458d-b0d6-64ab762230ce_zps74cb90ae.jpg

The Leberkäs semmel is a common sausage served on a bread roll with mustard. Leberkäs, which literally translates to ‘liver cheese’, is a mix of meat ground together and then baked. Then semmel just means roll. Though its translation does not sound all that appealing, it really is tasty! And it is great washed down by a Helles 🙂

 photo a409181d-fba5-4eb7-9614-ec59b5955a4f_zps6d74a9aa.jpg

Then when the weather is bad you can always pile into the Hofbräuhaus for some more litres of beer! Even though it is a tourist attraction, it is a must visit. After some beer and listening to the traditional music you will be ready to put on a dirdnl or lederhosen and get dancing! 🙂

 photo c186dbb4-6ddd-43f1-89e0-05f630fd3e68_zps454fce7a.jpg

By now, if you did not already know, you understand there is a large beer culture in Bavaria and so it only makes sense that the Bavarian breakfast would help to cure the many beers guzzled the night before!

 photo 3ecf6ce7-b2d6-47bd-8dac-fe1a51cdf1bc_zpscc11b68c.jpg

They also must have learned early on that a little hair of the dog helps cure the hangover because the traditional Bavarian breakfast includes a beer 😉

 photo cee607b3-1f6e-468c-89ea-670444f5a379_zpsa4ebdab8.jpg

Weisswurst (white sausages), soft pretzels, and weissbier make up this breakfast. The sausages are simply heated (not boiled) up in water and then served (skins removed) with a sweet mustard!

 photo 997459fd-a4d3-4b55-b6b3-f206a01a3fa1_zps8a0d31aa.jpg

Pretzels or a variety of rolls are served along with the sausages. This has to be one of my favorite parts about Germany! Even though the breakfast varies in other parts, yummy, fresh rolls make up every breakfast! 😀

 photo 78d949a5-b605-45c7-a585-8110a70758f0_zps1bda4cd6.jpg

A boiled egg is often times included with breakfast. Bring the water to a boil. Drop (carefully) the eggs into the pot and cook for exactly 6.5 minutes (sea level). Place in egg holders! Crack the top, peel off the shell, and then eat it with a plastic spoon 🙂

 photo 0be6f38c-bd06-46dd-b9b7-2462cd227e4b_zps8f69ca04.jpg

Weissbier is typically not a favorite beer style of mine but it is really good with this meal. The flavors from the beer go nicely with the sausages and sweet mustard!

 photo 67e9b8a0-8e63-4009-9f18-ceb39e99697d_zpscafcdf3a.jpg

It is my second time in Munich and I still have not gone to Oktoberfest but it will happen next time! 🙂

Idea: This would be fun as a part of a cultural meal with your loved ones, whether it be a significant other, friends, or your children!

 photo f20b49ba-4d73-4755-93d6-2d66fee68663_zps16397fa7.jpg

Supporting my local CO beer at the Hofbräuhaus!

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20 responses to “The Bavarian Breakfast

  1. yum yum and yum! Love the picture of you–totally looks like you’re serious about this. What a breakfast–especially that pretzel.

  2. I loved everything about Germany – this is such a great post, I was so busy eating and drinking that I did a poor job in covering Munich’s wonders! I loved the pretzels, so awesome with a good German beer (salty + beer = aaaaah!). I only went with pints though, rather than steins – not to say that I didn’t drink a litre but I had a lot of trouble getting to the bottom before the beer turned warm! You go girl! xx

    • Ya, I agree- I am not a big fan of drinking the litres for that reason but I think their goal is for you to just drink faster! 😉 I love Germany! Did you visit other places besides Munich?

  3. Now THAT’S a good size for a mug of beer ! (Meaning the one you’re drinking from in the last photo.) I’m enjoying reading about your adventures!

  4. Haha support away my friend, if it means beer 😛 Great write up, we have a restaurant here similar in its Bavarian dishes! Love a good pretzel any time any place 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

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