Beer Abroad: Beer Club (Pula, Croatia)

The fiery sun hid behind cookie cutter clouds, casting an orange glow just below. Its rays lightly kissed the boats that were floating along the pure blue waters. Then, though a gradual process, it seemed as though the sun plopped below the clouds to blind me one more time before setting over the Adriatic Sea as I entered Croatia.

 photo ff5c4e33-e97d-4888-bb0c-578f2bba5ff8_zpsd807e8a6.jpg

A beautiful coastline, the many islands, and the city of Dubrovnik are some of the reasons Croatia is highly populated in the warmer months. This and the many raving remarks about the country made me want to visit but since I could not visit until late in the season (end of October), I was at first hesitant. However, on a whim, I was on a bus to Pula! It was already fairly cold but olive oil, seafood, wine, truffles, lavender, as well as other things, were enough reasons to still visit! πŸ˜€

 photo 28acfc20-9c61-404d-8d56-691d01c84250_zpsd1c28503.jpg

Pula has a daily market with produce, olive oil, wine, and many crafty items. It was full of great Mother’s Day gifts and I would have bought way too much if I was heading home soon after πŸ™‚ In Croatia, they take their olive oil very seriously; Though they love to dip their bread in it, to taste the quality, they sip it! πŸ˜€ While there, I also go to try truffle sausage which was absolutely incredible!

 photo e68a64df-f795-4d24-9a92-4be853998ed2_zps1daeb2d2.jpg

Rome gets so many visitors to the Coliseum but the arena in Pula is pretty damn impressive as well. It has a beautiful sea as a backdrop and you can see the whole thing by just walking around the outside. Of course, if you decide to go inside I can imagine standing in the center and looking up around would be pretty sweet πŸ˜›

 photo 7a52184b-2726-4dbb-a9ee-f917a9e70331_zpsf62f3c49.jpg


Not too far from Pula is the absolutely stunning Rovinj which can be mastered in a day trip. However, if you don’t mind spending the money, you may just want to stay in this magical place!

 photo 947769e9-577c-467e-ba73-c854fa475f56_zps8769632f.jpg


In a land with so many tasty delicacies, I was, once again, not particularly looking for beer but somehow it seems to find me πŸ™‚ The owner of the hostel (Pula Art) where I was staying suggested Beer Club so we checked it out one evening.

 photo 8ccab01d-d0ad-4f7f-bc7a-934f25cdc515_zpsf005b04e.jpg

Beer Club is located out of the center but definitely worth a visit if you want a good selection of beer. The only Croatian craft beer on draft was the Zmajska Pivovara (Dragon Brewery) Pale Ale. It was a beautiful amber color with a decent white head. It had an evident hop character but I felt was higher in malt character making it balanced and less bitter. There was a slight mango flavor coming through from the hops. I really liked this beer and wish I could have had more than a couple sips- it is something I will definitely try again!

 photo 94e16e17-1682-4463-8586-3ebdbec095ea_zps83fe546a.jpg

Looking to try another local beer, the bartender recommended Grička Vjeőtica bock style beer by Pivnica Medvedgrad. He said it was the darkest/strongest Croatian beer they had. It seemed similar to an amber-style beer. It had light bitterness and was a little sweet. I felt it was served a little too cold though making its flavor get lost.

 photo db8b7cfd-b931-4fd9-9661-8c4358bc3c20_zps969382be.jpg

Though it is very unlike me to not order something local, I needed some hops in my life!! My mother had just got done telling me about drinking an Imperial IPA back in the states- how nice of her, right?!? Well I will forgive her but I was in need of something harshly hopped now…I needed something hardcore and the Hardcore IPA by BrewDog hit the spot! πŸ™‚

 photo 473b5447-2353-4e5f-bf3b-0fec0dd57e35_zpsca568a3f.jpg

The Beer Club had a good selection of beers from all over Europe and some from countries outside of Europe! The list from Belgium was the most extensive, of course πŸ™‚ The list was not strictly craft beer but I would recommend this place. Hopefully as the craft beer scene grows throughout Croatia and Europe, their craft beer selection will grow. Nova Runda (Another round) is another Croatian craft brewery that just started this year. I did not get to try any of their beers but I hope to try them next time!

 photo a86e945d-6f30-43a9-bf5f-0820d4c57564_zpsbd8c7f2e.jpg

More from Istria:

 photo cc931f76-a70e-468a-9157-942146ec02b7_zps1f650581.jpg

 photo 57801897-f0f0-4092-821c-eefc7de5baad_zpsf7269cc9.jpg

 photo 0a562349-c9c1-4ada-aa75-3fd6348f6fe8_zpsffbd2543.jpg


 photo 1c2a18b8-ac37-40a2-8a0f-349211dfd1fa_zps17400968.jpg

 photo b7b62b04-d098-470a-9568-a6b7004bc2b1_zps56b33726.jpg

At the Pula market

 photo 0b98f2a4-f470-4c0d-baac-d4c14da24015_zps29176d25.jpg

Farm near Bale

 photo c5da6b47-c6ed-42d7-b004-46ab749b57e2_zpsdffdd26f.jpg

At the Pula market

 photo ffd0f007-16e9-48ff-a212-122407cee331_zpse457ac1f.jpg

 photo b31951ce-a5c9-43c4-b070-0b30d843c56a_zps2ee65149.jpg

 photo 94b5783b-6261-4755-86c9-68f8a4e34864_zps6d1a1aac.jpg

 photo b346b19f-9adf-4115-9fbb-946f978c5a37_zps49cb8e50.jpg

Sunset in Rovinj

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13 responses to “Beer Abroad: Beer Club (Pula, Croatia)

  1. I looooove Brew Dog beers. Such a great Scottish brewery, such interesting hop varieties too πŸ™‚ I didn’t get to Croatia and I am so sad that I missed out. Maybe next time we get to Europe πŸ˜‰ Loving that green vibrant olive oil – yum. I am a serious olive oil addict and it makes me happy to see such fresh and delicious stuff on offer over there!

    • Yes, if you love olive oil, Italy and Croatia are a must! I will have a post eventually about an organic olive and wine vineyard in Italy we got to visit that was just amazing. I will have to go back to Croatia as well because I did not get to see it all!

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