Oldest Pizzeria in Italy

After the fourth time around the roundabout, trying to figure out which exit to take after an overnight ferry to Naples and reuniting with my parents since I have been away, I knew this was going to be an adventure! Every moment in Italy is an adventure and especially when you are driving. Street names? Only exist on maps. Horns honking? Could mean a lot of things. Angry Italians cursing you with their eyes? Yikes! Narrow cobbled streets that look only fit for pedestrians? Yes, you can drive on them. Sudden intersections with 20 options listed? They exist- read quickly! Policemen? Not many and are usually found socializing. Cars parking so that you’re blocked in? Yes, grab a coffee 🙂 Drive down a one-way the wrong way? How dare you! What seems like a complete absence of driving rules makes for a rather interesting intense time and a lot of laughs 😀

 photo bb089eb5-b6ea-4c3d-94ff-97c498683e1a_zps047d947e.jpg

My parents must have been craving some excitement in their life because they chose to not get a GPS and without an international phone plan, we only had the sketchy GPS tracker on our phones. Pre-loading our smart phones with the maps before leaving a WIFI zone and then intently following the blinking blue dot was our only source of hope when the language barrier was too strong. So, with what became a familiar ritual, we followed the blue dot to the red dot of Antica Port’Alba Pizzeria in Naples.

 photo 9ff61b79-5aec-4dad-8ee1-66016b301294_zpsd60dabd9.jpg

Finally arriving to the pizzeria, my breathing became normal again and I felt my shoulders relax 😀 The pizza had high standards to meet after the drive and high standards it did meet 🙂 Antica Port’Alba Pizzeria is the oldest pizzeria in Italy and is possibly the oldest in the world. It started out as a street food vendor and became a pizzeria in 1830. It was difficult choosing just ONE pizzeria to visit in Naples. Part of me wants go again for a few days and just eat pizza 😀 This reference guide to the ten best pizzerias in Naples helped me decide, as well as open times and location since we were only driving through. It also only seemed fitting to visit the oldest one!

 photo b1d9f33b-7cba-4969-a75e-8951536e5026_zps60ec9729.jpg

We started with a beer because even though I was happily out of the car, I could still use a little more loosening 🙂 Italians drink beer with their pizza and the beer is very light like Peroni or Moretti. We decided on the Pizza Alla Port’Alba (8.50 euro) which is their special with a tomato sauce base and then topped with seafood. To try something else a bit different, we went with the Pizza Fritta (6 euro) which is a fried pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, and salami.

 photo 87b2768f-e239-495c-ba66-3a71801cf276_zps2e24dae4.jpg

The seafood pizza was very unique and good! The tomato sauce was so amazing and the crust very perfect. The shell fish on top made for a messy eating experience but well worth it 🙂 The fried pizza was a little bit too bread-y and could use a little more flavor in my opinion.

 photo 1d3ef60e-6a3f-474c-b996-9a4dbdf28f9f_zpsbf2d874a.jpg

Trying a traditional margarita pizza would have been great as well but due to limited time to eat pizza in Napoli, we wanted to try something different. I recommend this pizza place but I am also sure there are many other yummy ones too! They have a nice inside eating area but we ate outside because it was a beautiful day.

 photo 01b5d432-6a23-4711-bd3a-13f54d89c988_zps9128b1b5.jpg

Though we had a great time here, afterwards was a bit crazy because I learned that I developed an allergy to clams/oysters! So, yet another adventure! 😉

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20 responses to “Oldest Pizzeria in Italy

  1. Hi Lilly Sue! I sent you a longer message from the email that I’ve registered here. I hope you get it. It may or may not impact on the rest of your trip. Anyway, best wishes for the rest of your traveling. I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I know you are.

  2. I so enjoyed reading this post – what an adventure you’re having! I can totally understand how you feel because, when we lived in Malta, I had to learn to drive … on the left… and the Maltese drive very much like the Italians, “What do you mean there’s RULES of the road?” ; o ) The seafood pizza looks so yummy and so different from anything I’ve ever seen or tasted. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. And do let us know how your ‘new-found’ allergy turns out… One of my sons became allergic to shellfish when he was about 20… I’m hoping you end up only allergic to something particular in what you were served. I know you don’t want to have to miss out on shellfish…. ; o (

    • Hi Cecile! So glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 Driving in new countries is always an adventure and I bet even more so when the side of the road is different! 🙂

      I have tried mussels since and did not react…I really do hope mussels are OK because I love them! I can do without clams and oysters but they are typically in fish broths :-/ It is so strange that people develop that allergy around that age.

  3. I have eaten there, know the place well. I used to live in Napoli. Love their pizza I never tried the seafood pizza, always stuck to the simple Margherita sometimes with prosciutto. Yum, sorry to hear about your allergy.

    • That is so cool you use to live there! So you have had loads of yummy pizza 🙂 There are worse allergies so it is not awful. At least, I think, mussels (I like them best!) are still OK since I have eaten them and not reacted.

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