The Sicilian Balance

Leave it to the Italians to take an already indulgent treat and stuff it into a buttery baked bun-shaped pastry, a French Brioche. The Brioche con Gelato is a popular item in southern Italy and apparently is commonly eaten for breakfast in the hot summers!

 photo 489ae941-6dcf-4c5f-8f75-7aa41f1b67ba_zps80c49897.jpg

Brioche con Gelato

This Italian version of an Ice Cream Sandwich stuffs your choice of gelato inside of a more sturdy version of the Brioche so as to easily encase your fast melting ice cream. Naturally, I had to try it! 😀

 photo ead3ae3c-b437-42b6-931e-c4e344027ecc_zps22b3271d.jpg

It was not particularly my favorite because I felt it was a bit bread-y and I prefer my gelato in a cone. However, I do not think I got to try it on the best made Brioche 😦 Either way, I love the fact that they made gelato a part of their breakfast so as to “cool” themselves down. Sure, Sicilians! 😉

 photo d5f3e2b1-b2d0-424d-a724-15c082169685_zpsa5b03f80.jpg

Another popular item in Sicily is an Arancina, which is a stuffed rice ball that is breaded and fried! 🙂 They are stuffed with various things but a common one has meat sauce and mozzarella. These are pretty much everywhere and are very cheap. A good one is really tasty but what is fried and not tasty?? Between this and the panino, you are set for getting by on a little budget but something else might bulge a bit 🙂

 photo d085d497-41d0-46dc-9d4f-347576430534_zps26052ccf.jpg

The Sicilian region seems to be a mix of indulgent, heavy foods and healthy fresh produce and fish markets. It is not a bad mix because at least there is a balance, right? Maybe 🙂

 photo 89adfcc2-a74c-4a29-9b49-41dd9399407e_zps8b98d958.jpg

Most of the cities in Sicily are along the coast so there is plenty of seafood! Every city I was in was equipped with fish markets.

 photo a6760f20-36e9-4ea0-9f8d-09f38d6bf52a_zps6138433e.jpg

Fish Market in Marsala

While in Catania, I went out for seafood and tried the Squid Ink Pasta. It was very yummy! They give you a bib so you do not ruin your clothes but your mouth will be stained a little 😀

 photo 9a74f621-dd55-4a44-a79b-8722e7b0fa59_zps266bc40c.jpg photo 6346910a-b169-4dbe-b0ad-a1eb374147dc_zps15579d01.jpg

After a fairly indulgent 10 days exploring the Sicilian delicacies, I was in need of some fresh vegetables!

 photo c953e983-0f6a-47e4-9c3f-f9d46a2534e4_zps5ac0cf7f.jpg

Arriving to Palermo, I was very happy to find multiple markets with everything from produce to olives, cheese, and seafood. Though I thought about cooking something I really just wanted some raw vegetables so I settled on making a big salad.

 photo c84d4dfc-596c-4b08-83e5-26b5abe14c87_zps19b43b8b.jpg

Palermo market

This salad is nothing special but it was very simple and good. It was butter lettuce with yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado and topped with parmesan. With limited ingredients at a hostel, I just did olive oil, fresh lime juice and salt and pepper for the dressing. It was very tasty and satisfied my health crave 🙂

Buon appetito!

 photo cb2ec66c-3450-4381-b431-a001a32b9d43_zpsc7f8654c.jpg

More Sicilian offerings:

 photo cf5ca08e-c0e2-44be-8522-540833b1b9cb_zps5a9d42b8.jpg

Beautiful beaches with sand!

 photo 4539aa76-00b4-4882-ba25-622db8127389_zps8878c8ac.jpg

Private beaches

 photo 255129f1-8fd8-461a-91ef-de9e85db5e63_zpsbad3b61d.jpg

Cream-filled treats! (Erice)

 photo 2717b2b3-0319-45fd-9398-6caa2c3ac25d_zps7243a087.jpg

Beautiful views from Erice

 photo efcc7db3-cb03-47bf-9110-75f222dbbf37_zps60b8431b.jpg

Lots of Marzipan in Erice!

 photo 8e121ec8-4816-46bb-a8be-4febe09bd615_zps39662ccd.jpg

More Marzipan

 photo c2ca7d5f-df54-498c-9096-77f80606502a_zps84294025.jpg


 photo 16643001-6013-496b-b99b-020985a8f037_zps7eb0d7b7.jpg

Castello di Venere (Erice)

 photo 265f3749-2b62-4d1a-9488-0b37b08d88da_zps0e75b627.jpg

Fish Market in Marsala

 photo 967c4682-6d63-4c7f-ab56-21b5476e7046_zps3eff5a80.jpg

Fish Market in Marsala

 photo af0162c9-76ee-4ec3-9277-594022091ece_zps6afecdf2.jpg

Moretti on the beach

 photo 3c9bc409-360f-4435-979c-73a253ab9c39_zpsc17386e9.jpg


 photo 8928cf27-d7cd-45f2-babf-018b4a0b71b5_zps498a1a4d.jpg

Fountain of Shame (Palermo)

 photo 783fa80a-701a-4725-a1c6-cb586e476b95_zps0b9a4970.jpg


 photo a451ac05-487b-472e-ae6a-46a201468431_zps486fc103.jpg


 photo e307f367-ebba-4d11-8329-f3fd0aec723c_zps1279af33.jpg

Lucia Taormina is a yummy panino shop!

 photo 4f987ad4-2537-4865-bf62-cf4a071ee749_zps551838d9.jpg

View from Toarmina

 photo 0c53c8cb-6595-4118-b64c-89a6d9c9285e_zps9bbd3817.jpg

Etna volcano faintly in the distance (Catania)

 photo 7588afdf-32be-453d-9646-c3f0d2103b62_zps63ced961.jpg

Fontana dell’Elefante (Catania)

 photo 26320402-c098-4f6c-9fd0-cffd55a0561d_zps97ca51f9.jpg

Sweet Marsala wine tasting

 photo 47025a21-761e-4231-b1b8-20b44af04e53_zps3e9b0d2e.jpg


 photo f19788f4-e252-492e-b2ce-4a22d147fe69_zpsa3cb5456.jpg


 photo b5f5291c-8b28-45a7-bbe1-34e7560a2c8c_zpsf809baa6.jpg


Music For Your Ears:

~A Man and A Woman by Sir Julian (1996 Digital Remaster)

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Wazee Supper Club


13 responses to “The Sicilian Balance

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  2. Love all the pictures — especially the marzipan and the bins of olives! I would love to dive into those. And gelato in brioche is a new one to me — I’d give it a go, but I think I’m more of a cone girl at heart.

  3. great pictures of you and the greens 🙂 And it’s another what the wha’ on that brioche ice cream sandwich. Good gosh. A cream puff of sorts?

    Tell me more about the marsala tasting (please?). Sweet wines are my favorites. Cool fish picture–he makes it look so elegant, like a work of art. And lol the beer on the beach. Perfect!

    • Have you seen or had a Brioche, the French pastry? It is not really a cream puff but can have light, flaky, buttery texture. Cream puffs are more hollow and less bread-y than the Brioche. However, I think the ones for the gelato are made a bit more thick and sturdy for ice cream holding purposes.

      Liz, you would have loved the marsala tasting then! Do you cook with it ever? They were a bit too sweet for me but I enjoyed the tasting and the pairings. The first two were marsala wines but do not remember which is which, just that they are Florio Marsala. The first one (probably lower aging) was paired with a parmesan. It had a very sweet smell and flavor of caramel. The second was paired with gorgonzola on a cracker. I think it was less sweet but also a little less smooth. The third tasting was a moscato and it smelt like green tea!

      Thanks Liz!

  4. Did you try the Brioche con Gelato with the lemon gelato? It’s an absolute favorite of mine, though the truth is that I haven’t had one since 2001. I’m originally from Agrigento. Did you make it there? It’s day trip worthy if you like ancient Greek ruins.

    • No, but I heard that the lemon or raspberry gelato is the more popular combination. You need to have one soon! 🙂 That is cool you are from there- I did not make it. I did not see much south of Mazara del Vallo except for a beach on a natural reserve? but I could not tell you where it was…There is plenty to see in Italy and even with a month there, I did not see everything I wanted! 🙂

  5. Love all the photo’s and I have had the brioche roll filled with gelato it is wonderful, the rice balls yum. I love the fresh seafood and vegetables and that salad looks incredible.

    • Thank you!! Yes, the rice balls are really good. I wish I could have tried a better brioche con gelato 😦 but I am sure I will be back again someday 🙂

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