Beer Abroad: Tribulosi (Taull, Spain)

In the small mountain town of Taüll in the Spanish Pyrenees a quaint beer bar can be found. Nestled in amongst a stonewall and other shops, Tribulosi Cerveseria Gastrnomicia provides an extensive list of Belgian beers.

 photo 6491874a-f4fe-4ea2-981c-30ca015e7e94_zpseef533ca.jpg

Tribulosi is located right along the main road that takes you into Taüll. A large flag with a beer on it helps you spot it and by night the sign glows bright as a way to lure you in for a tasty beer.

 photo 3aae23ac-afe9-4b94-8330-d2dae8e2fba9_zpsab80253e.jpg

Walking in, wooden stools line the bar top with their symbol printed on each stool. The symbol is a T with the face of the Christ pantrocrator that was once vibrantly painted in the Sant Climent de Taüll and can now only be fully seen during the video projection- see post.

 photo bcf89cf3-e2a0-47e5-9ab1-0331938716b7_zps2a3621b8.jpg

A large T supports the three taps and a fridge full of bottled beers makes the decision process a difficult one. The large wooden covered menus list the bottled beers with their country of origin, style, and a short description. There is no English menu but if you know some Spanish you can get that version of the menu (normally it is in Catalan). Or you can blindly choose based off of the style- I do not think you will be disappointed!

 photo ac98a90b-3b96-4a4a-bbd8-bf411db34c7a_zps87295192.jpg

On my first visit while I was scoping the menu, I saw them making a Siren Shattered Dream Imperial Stout chocolate ice cream float which made my mouth salivate. Filling full I chose to resist ordering it but noted it for a possible dessert at home 😀

 photo e8e12654-7929-4206-bbc5-486aed8b1c35_zps9544b751.jpg
[Photo courtesy of Tribulosi]

The inside is nice and cozy but we sat out on the terrace. The weather was cool at night but I bundled up with my scarf and sweater. From the terrace you have a perfect view of Sant Climent and the WHOLE town 🙂 By night the church glows in the distance with a silhouette mountain backdrop.

 photo f4a36595-e150-48ac-8eff-63a4a4a57933_zps01c13ec5.jpg

The word Tribulosi is a Catalan word that does not translate to English. The best I can conclude is that it means an energetic setting.

 photo 48df629b-c836-4d0f-b9df-78e30900c57a_zpsf88685cd.jpg

Even in the small town of Taüll I was able to find good craft beer! 😀

 photo b2aed5f1-2e24-4d5e-9f39-69d17413facf_zps173742eb.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Prayer in C by Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz

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10 responses to “Beer Abroad: Tribulosi (Taull, Spain)

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  3. Looks really fun!! The place looks really nice! You have really good luck or ability at finding the awesomest places. (Can I go on vacations with you??) Have fun!!

    • HA HA! Thank you! I think it is a little of both 🙂 I sometimes do my research but I also have stumbled upon places or people randomly, especially on this trip!

      • The only people I stuble into on European trips are lost English speaking tourists looking for a restroom. 😦
        If i make it over to places you’ve been im gonna be using you site as a guide.

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