Beer Abroad: BierCaB (Barcelona, Spain)

Though avoiding Estrella while in Barcelona is highly unlikely, luckily, there are a decent amount of places to find craft beer in Barcelona with BierCaB being a great choice. With a large number of both draft and bottled beers, a good selection of food, and a cool vibe, BierCaB is definitely a place to visit.

 photo e7402815-8d43-465b-99d7-5ddf91a0eeff_zps0e8ed960.jpg

BierCaB is located in the eixample district. With the awesome metro, I never felt like anything was too far. Just make sure you pay attention to when the metro stops at night! 🙂 The bar is pretty neat with a unique decor of wood kindling across the ceiling. The bar top was very cool looking with an angled base but honestly, a little awkward to sit at with long legs!

 photo ad26c948-8313-40e0-b739-13910e00c22e_zpsc27b2b2d.jpg

The beers on draft were displayed up on the screen with beer type, brewery, and country of brewery with a corresponding number for making it easier to order in spanish 🙂 Also, while I was sitting there having a look around I noticed my picture come up on the screen. At first, I thought I was seeing things but then I noticed that it was the tweets coming through on the screen which was pretty cool 😀

 photo 567136a8-cd25-404b-b8d1-d4295f925e98_zps72d93953.jpg

As it was around dinner time, at least my dinner time (not necessarily Spanish dinner time!), I decided to take a look at the menu. This place is definitely on the pricier side for both beer and food. However, they had a burger for 5.50 euros that looked pretty tasty. It was the poblenou burger with pork (yes, a real hamburger!), Havarti cheese, fried onion, and bacon. It was very delicious and hit the spot! The housemade nachos and bravas also looked good for a decent price.

 photo 3fc1f3e0-6d6b-47d1-854f-c3a3c951b959_zps18fb1c7e.jpg

Overall, this was a great spot for drinking craft beer in Barcelona! They had an english menu available which was handed to me after they heard my crappy spanish! lol With a tight budget as a handicap, I did not stay here for more than a couple beers but I enjoyed finding another good beer spot 🙂 Next time I am in Barcelona I will definitely visit again.

 photo ec9af86e-d0ae-4d6d-8e9b-610f9e6b5861_zps481f0700.jpg

Representing Colorado in my Brewers Guild shirt!

 photo dff067a6-79ef-4bc1-913d-4d7a4d784cdb_zps6c19f960.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~What is Love by Haddaway

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  1. What a fabulous trip you’re having! I’ve done a good bit of traveling in Europe but I’ve never been to Spain.. maybe someday. But, I can live vicariously through you ! ; o )

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