Beer Abroad: Edge Brewing (Barcelona, Spain)

The craft beer scene in Barcelona is very young and fresh! Two Americans saw the opportunity to be a part of this developing beer scene and so EDGE Brewing was born. Edge brings an American brewery to a lively and vibrant European city.

 photo d7826c7b-c186-4421-b384-0de5586ec626_zpsba599e65.jpg

Staying true to the stereotypical American craft brewery locations, EDGE Brewing opened up in an industrial area in the Poblenou district. Walking from the Bogatell station (closest metro), I experienced the ghost town side of Barcelona. I arrived a little early and honestly could not even tell where the brewery was located even with my google maps displaying the location. Only after a stroll down to the beach and back could I now see the open garage door with a sign stating the brewery was open…

 photo f594a3ae-77fb-4ca0-a718-d5412c1f1094_zpse790808a.jpg

As it had just opened for the evening, there was only a handful of people when I first arrived but it quickly filled up as the night went on. They have a nice wooden bar top and long wooden picnic tables. The large community tables made it easy to meet others- I met a German couple and then later two Catalan men who helped me practice my spanish! Wooden barrels were out on display and a large glass window allowed for easy viewing of the brewing room. A group of people were playing on the large Jenga set in the corner of the room. A little later in the evening, Asian tapas were available to satisfy the drunken hunger and I think they usually have various food vendors like typical breweries in the US.

 photo 6339791b-2212-4fc8-bd3d-bd2e78477f4b_zps8366e36a.jpg

EDGE Brewing was established in 2013 by two Americans, Alan and Scott. I got the pleasure of having the free tour from head brewer Alan Sheppard. A lot of the tour was basic knowledge about brewing which is necessary in a city where the craft beer scene is not yet fully discovered. I was very happy to see all the people interested in learning about the process and asking questions.

 photo ce3789c7-caf5-415a-bc95-0e55cb6b7ca2_zps30dd5791.jpg

Wanting to try their different beers without spending too much money or getting too drunk 😛 , I went with the 4 1/2 pints for 10 euros deal. This allowed me to try:

  • 7ven Edge 7aison
  • Hoptimista
  • Hoptimista-citra
  • 7ven Edge 7word

 photo 6c1ce49c-2a74-49f6-b666-eeff57de055e_zpsf779de86.jpg

The 7ven Edge 7aison and 7ven Edge 7word are both collaboration beers with 7venth Sun Brewing in Florida. The saison was a light, low ABV (4.4%), and enjoyable beer. It was a good summer beer. The 7ven Edge 7word was a 9.3% ABV double IPA. It was a little more my style of beer and very delicious!

The Hoptimista-citra is a single hopped 7.0% ABV IPA that is pretty easy to drink for its higher ABV. The hoptimista is the original version I think and it comes in at a lower ABV (6.0%). I did not like it as much as the Hoptimista-citra.

 photo f7fa7e6f-738b-48d5-b38b-0fba28ed5f2b_zps39e85889.jpg

Edge Brewing is open every Friday evening from 6 to 10 pm. They hold two free brewery tours during that time. If you cannot make it on a Friday, they do offer brewery tours and beer tasting sessions at other times but it must be prearranged. Also, you can find their beer on tap at other bars in Barcelona!

 photo af1764cb-e2b7-4483-83cd-f0d22fac63d4_zps97a92e8e.jpg

I first learned of Edge Brewing at Ale & Hop where I got to try the Padrino Porter- so delicious! I also met Luciano Cukar from Wort Magazine who told me to visit the brewery. Other beer bars in Barcelona recommended to me:

 photo b1136a43-3ae8-44ca-b8fd-c140396bd713_zpsa82f8bd3.jpg

If you are wondering about the human tower picture, it is a part of the Catalan culture and you must watch a youtube video of it- it is incredible!

Music For Your Ears:

~So Happy Together by the Turtles


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  1. Loving the darker color of those first beers. Did you have favorites? How much fun to be able to see so much of how things started and what goes on. Seems the craft spirit folk have a passion that the bigger guys do not. Olé 🙂

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