It has almost been 3 weeks now that I have been traveling but it does not feel like long at all! On my way to Europe I had a little pit stop in Iceland 🙂 It was about 30 hours in Reykjavik which allowed me to get a feel of the city, meet some cool Icelandic people, try some local beer, eat some amazing pastries, and gain the strong desire to go back!

 photo 9a1ccf0d-799a-423d-9e1e-9f9e3a6bf644_zps61480339.jpg photo 3f397776-3e54-4f2b-be2f-d110e196693f_zps57c2b3a6.jpg photo 879b7801-3431-479f-8f2a-e954285a1441_zps12497d4a.jpg photo b9fc1fe0-5a22-4a42-8ceb-3396a85fd66e_zps0b1fc064.jpg

After my over-budget (it is expensive there) excursion I was on my way to Barcelona! In total I got to spend about 10 days in Barcelona. The city is huge but it seems I got to see and do a good amount 🙂

Antoni Gaudi‘s amazing arhcitecture…

Casa Batlló and Parc Güell could be described as straight out of a fairytale. The imagination of Gaudi that is evident through his work is absolutely phenomenal.

 photo 5232c24f-ce4c-4ea1-a67e-1f34ca44c6a3_zps27206e0b.jpg

Casa Batlló

 photo 2eef71b0-6d61-475f-aa26-88a86e0ec4ee_zps1671dcab.jpg

Parc Güell

 photo 482b50c8-3544-4120-8040-6dfdcce8c50c_zpsff78da12.jpg

Casa Museu Gaudí

The pictures really do his work no justice. Especially La Sagrada Familia, which I am not even posting here (due to all the construction), must be seen in person. There were so many intricate details that were so incredible to observe.

There are so many parks and squares in the city- I suggest grabbing a picnic and just relaxing in one of these areas! People watching would probably be pretty good 🙂

 photo bfca9f6b-9ea9-4c61-9547-6048f16829ae_zpsc76ce765.jpg

Plaça Sant Jaume

 photo ee4f95e9-e438-4d7d-88b1-843aed789bc9_zpsb85c4f5f.jpg

When you need a break from walking or need to use wifi (like me), stop in for a cafe con leche 🙂 I typically drink my coffee black but when in Spain…

 photo 4038bf88-19dc-452c-b89f-253a5d06116b_zpsc5339720.jpg

A flaky, buttery croissant for dipping in a cafe con leche is delicious! It is a popular breakfast out or I had it as an afternoon snack a few times 🙂 Some advice, though, is do not get this in a tourist area! I paid as little as 1.90 euro at one point- that is how it should be! If you are paying a lot more then you are in the wrong spot.

 photo 466e5af6-6104-4f9a-864b-0546d940bdef_zps170b9d18.jpg

Many times I just wandered the city without any direction. You will stumble upon unexpected things like awesome street performers…

 photo 38acbd53-e582-47a9-bddc-623964ac4cbb_zpsd0340f11.jpg

 photo bfb68e92-7e60-4e2e-88c4-8240d8e8bb65_zps7dbd4f96.jpg

 photo 8a8299d6-5770-4734-8488-f974668829c1_zps19cbfc1e.jpg

Also, random street art

 photo dfa965e4-08d6-4b9e-af53-e1a67d848fc3_zps4556c21d.jpg

 photo 6bb8e105-eee8-4eab-bb40-44abfb3a3618_zps5bc20e51.jpg

El Gato…no sé…

 photo b8f3c0ef-f8b8-4809-a90b-5b106fb6a53d_zps0c4942a3.jpg

The Santa Maria Del Mar

 photo 27337514-282d-4c6a-8161-035e0b3ed9bf_zps02477c87.jpg

Avinguda de la Catedral

 photo da5c7315-e071-465d-8115-675b8b4e2848_zps395f4a04.jpg

 photo 3fb4922b-2e8e-4c2b-b8ff-38e54e34d25c_zps455c855d.jpg

I wanted to see some live flamenco because I had never really seen it before. It was a quiet night but enjoyable to just listen to the music and then watch the performer.

 photo 6f52b9d4-71a5-4421-b654-e3c7f6f81540_zps9d1a0094.jpg

Tapas y Pinxtos

I did not get any pictures of the tapas I had in Barcelona because well, people do not really eat until 9 and the pictures would have not been very good. These beautiful pinxtos were eaten when I was in Tarragona.

 photo d4280024-9542-4990-96a4-81d2f730bcd3_zps50be80b4.jpg

“The Authentic Catalan Sandwich” at Butipà

After a morning yoga session in spanish and walking around Barcelona for hours, this Catalan sandwich and Moritz Epidor was the most amazing thing ever!

 photo 7d101e01-a6de-4a2d-9882-061463978184_zps1051ccf9.jpg

Butipà does a modern and innovative twist to the traditional Catalan bread with sausage (pa amb butifarra)- similar concept to a hot dog. I tried the buti-pinxto and it was awesome. Hector, the sweet man in the picture, also gave me and this other customer, a sample of another sausage that was also very tasty. There are ones that are topped with lots of stuff but I just put their yummy mayonnaise-based (assuming) sauce on it!

 photo 1d671e87-874a-4192-90b0-f590971396f7_zpsb2acc04a.jpg

The Moritz Epidor is about the darkest actual spanish beer I tried and I loved it. It was so perfect with the sausage. It was like about 7.5% though so it could make you forget some things if you had too many 😛

 photo 7e5140f3-a0bc-4b40-9e6d-05bef14a4da7_zps9f04df28.jpg

Volleyball on the beach! Not only did I get to do yoga in Spain, but I got to play volleyball! I was beyond thrilled 🙂

Hiking up to Montjuïc and getting out of the city for a little while was very nice.

 photo 3b08f7f7-bd8a-432f-9fa9-dd46ae1c20e7_zps91d9007b.jpg

MNAC is a beautiful building. I walked up this way and made my way to Montjuïc.

 photo b0e9ebee-79e1-41f6-9d50-318fdb4d71bf_zps0e86f626.jpg

 photo 173190ef-a89a-412c-994b-52e88c07ea9a_zps8e525d9a.jpg

Of course there is still plenty of people but I got to see some green, get some exercise and see the city from up above 😀

 photo 31aef175-8fbb-4aa2-8b52-3e191ce15fdd_zps04e804b0.jpg

Festivals…I was lucky to arrive to Barcelona during the Gràcia Festival. Many of the streets in Gràcia were decorated. It seemed like it was mostly with recyclable items but I do not know that for sure. At night, Gràcia was hopping with all kinds of music until early in the morning.

 photo 538770cc-29a2-4faa-9f0f-28f06125f0f3_zpsc2c6a2ae.jpg
 photo 357b3cbd-529e-4c0f-8934-d4d04f1e03e4_zpsa3930b1e.jpg
 photo 60dc45df-d98e-4079-9589-5b8128927973_zps86295614.jpg

Chök the chocolate kitchen….

 photo 44ecce68-e0a2-416b-9f57-af2550b0a52c_zps5b563de4.jpg

There is not much need for words…I know jaws are dropping right about now 😀

 photo 3f989358-41ca-4144-a501-25839a78901a_zpscc6c62c0.jpg

This was a wonderful find! Or perhaps, a very bad one! I only indulged in one but there were so many ones I wanted to try. The little Barcelona maps you can get at hotels and hostels list places for food and in my experience, they were good recommendations! That is how I found Chök.

 photo ad2bce28-8c7a-4316-98e3-de373a9e2b63_zps217351cb.jpg

Craft beer on the beach! The Punk IPA is not a spanish beer but it is a very tasty canned IPA that is great for enjoying on the beach 🙂 This beach was in Badalona which is up the coast from Barcelona. To get away from the crowded beaches, you must leave Barcelona.

 photo 4bbeda9e-07cf-45aa-8f65-eea6762b0fe0_zps43aa6853.jpg

Next up…Lilly Sue finds craft beer in Barcelona! 🙂

 photo 888f7e35-3f4f-4993-a050-f669e3328a5e_zpsf1a9a102.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Booty Swing by Parov Stelar


21 responses to “Barcelona

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    • Thank you!! I have thought of you a few times in my travels as I face different things on my own and learn about myself- makes me think of many of your posts! 🙂

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  3. This is so wonderful! I’ve always wanted to go there — now I really want to, but in the meantime I feel thrilled to have learned so much about it and to have seen how much you’re enjoying it!

    • Ha ha ya, I did quite a bit. You may have to pick and choose if only spending a few days. Be ready to walk though! 🙂 it is the best way to see the city. I hope you get to go!

  4. what a trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures–everything looks amazing. How long will you be there? Any other stops on your way home? Looking forward to your craft beer discoveries 🙂

    • Awesome! I will have to check it out next time I’m there. I did literally no research before going because I didn’t know whether I was going to be there or not 🙂

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