Rudie Session IPA

A long holiday weekend (in the U.S.), BBQ’ing, and the outdoors call for some delicious craft beer in a can! The Rudie Session IPA is perfect for this as it is definitely your daytime drinking IPA. It is light, refreshing, and easy to drink. The low ABV of 4.5% also allows you to drink a few without getting stumbling drunk 😀

Rudie pours clear golden in color. It has little to no head. It is very light and only slightly hoppy. It is a very enjoyable beer to drink!

Ska says: “Rudie begins with a big fruity hop aroma of pears and watermelon candy, but is relatively low in actual bitterness.”

 photo 2343a35c-3502-4c05-8e0c-7abbe3bf6ac8_zps13a1c3c0.jpg

Rudie was released at Sesh Fest which was a few weeks back. I sadly did not get to attend but I was so happy to get some samples from Imbibe Denver to try it out! I also got to find out the conception behind this yummy, low ABV IPA! This beer was developed through Ska’s long standing tradition of brewing one-offs for the Durango Film Festival. They seek to brew something flavorful but with low enough ABV so that the crowd can still enjoy the films 🙂 Their goal with Rudie was to brew a beer with the body and flavor of an American IPA but something that could be easily downed while still allowing you to keep your composure 🙂

Rudie, the cartoon on the can, represents one of the characters from the comic book that was part of Ska’s conception. He is one of the good guys that helps to stop Pinstripe and Rotgutzen in their attempt to rid the world of craft beer! 🙂 To learn more about this, check out their website and buy some of their fun labeled beer 🙂

 photo 57006a7d-d83e-4fa5-a7e7-5d5770cff450_zps7f5ce752.jpg

Ska recommended “soul mates”:
Pairs great with breakfast, summer, sunny days, rainy days, winter, on the river, on the trail. Drink it any day, any time.

Availability: year round 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Music For Your Ears:

~Love You Madly by Cake

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