Bomber Friday: Long Strange Trip(el)

It’s Friday, so grab your favorite six-pack on the way home from work or enjoy a new beer. Bombers are 22 fl oz bottles of beer that often contain a brewery’s elite or unique concoction. Like a good bottle of wine, they are great for sharing and sipping πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for periodic blasts of bomber Fridays.

 photo 03028965-c65a-49b4-b1c3-513d9ba91d56_zps677e9e88.jpg

Wrapped in the face of Lincoln with blue painter’s tape for the label, complete with drinking instructions, comes this unique brew. One side of the label read the beer name and “Do Not Disturb the Lees!” The other side read “Drink anytime after 5/26/14- Store upright.” By now I am sure you have guessed that this is a homebrew which makes this Bomber Friday a special one! A Long Strange Trip(el) was a Belgian-style tripel that started very bubbly and ended mellow with me relaxing back in my chair πŸ˜€ Sadly, the “trip” ended with the last drop…

 photo be65216d-6b9a-4d13-ae69-7da24c8fa594_zpsd2da7a61.jpg

Long Strange Trip poured a beautiful golden color with a hefty head that slowly shrunk but remained for the majority of the drinking time. It was very carbonated but settled down after letting it sit for a few minutes. It had a light body with a decent amount of flavor but was much less strong than most tripels. It was my birthday by the time I finally popped it open and I drank it outside in the warm sun πŸ™‚ I very much enjoyed it and hope my friend will be letting me try batch #2!

 photo 68e25bd5-b3cd-4d08-89b2-d5559369ae03_zps87ed46b6.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Stolen Dance by Milky Chance

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