Wasabi Wednesday

Sushi is an occasional treat, at least for me. I love sushi but it can be a pricey outing. Wasabi Wednesday at La Biblioteca allows for some tasty sushi options while keeping some money in your wallet!

 photo fb65e8b3-ae42-494d-b0a5-b70f3385990e_zpsd68ea62c.jpg

For Wasabi Wednesday at La Biblioteca sushi rolls are half off starting at 4 pm! That includes the spicy tuna roll, crispy shrimp & tuna roll, volcano roll, and the vegetarian roll. Along with half off sushi, they also have their daily happy hour from 4-7 with more tasty eats and yummy drinks.

 photo e74be121-b5cd-4d2a-855e-6e3df12a6f63_zps0d0f6440.jpg

We started out with some infused margaritas and the deliciously famous xoxo edamame while we viewed the sushi rolls. The Cucumber Margarita is described as light, slightly earthy, and crisp. It was a very refreshing cocktail with a present cucumber flavor. The Granny Smith Green Apple Margarita is described as sweet, smooth, and light finish. My boyfriend liked it a lot. I am less of an apple flavored person but it was super light, crisp, not too sweet, and only a delicate apple taste.

 photo ae8d7bc6-6768-41ac-8ff4-48ad4fb88608_zps6ccba4f3.jpg

We only had to contemplate for a short time before deciding we had to try all of them! πŸ™‚

The spicy tuna roll (reg: $12) has cucumber, avocado, mango masago, and preserved lemon-chipotle aioli. This is definitely the lightest flavored roll on the menu. I feel these types of rolls serve the purpose of being a flavor cleanse in between the more intensely flavored rolls so they are a necessity πŸ™‚

The crispy shrimp & tuna roll (reg: $12) contains shrimp tempura, yellow tuna, cucumber, avocado, smoked tobiko kabayaki, and sesame aioli. I love that hint of smoky taste from the smoked tobiko kabayaki. The sesame aioli topping is also a very delicious addition that makes it all an amazing combination. My boyfriend is not a huge fan of the smoky flavor unless it is balanced with a cheese or something similar.

The volcano roll (reg: $13) has spicy crab, torched salmon, cucumber, and chipotle aioli. The salmon flavor shines through in this dish and there is also a smoky flavor.

The vegetarian roll (reg: $10) has asparagus-scallion tempura, roasted red bell pepper, avocado, and sweet sambal aioli wrapped in soy paper. We were both very impressed with the vegetarian roll- it is not something either one of us would probably order but I had to try it for the sake of the blog πŸ™‚

The kabayaki glazed salmon belly roll is still a favorite! It is not on the half off sushi menu but remains on the happy hour menu. During this visit, I also learned it is only offered during HH or sometimes until it runs out so it is a special treat!

 photo 17da4a34-8a75-49f7-ab8d-a0492c81f9e4_zps9bddd0e6.jpg

My boyfriend is a big tequila drinker so he wanted to order a tequila flight and I was definitely interested πŸ™‚ I let him pick it out though and he decided on the Barrel Aging Taster:

Bordeaux- Asom Broso Reposado
really yummy!
Cognac- Riazul AΓ±ejo
very tasty
New French Oak- Casa Noble Reposado
this one had a real bite to it

 photo c8ddfe64-23dc-41ea-9ca4-11c346f99ead_zps2f53110b.jpg

After some tequila we ordered another round of cocktails. The Tamarind Margarita is described as tropical, bright, tangy, and intense fruit. It had less of the lime margarita taste and more of a tangy citrus flavor. I really liked it but I am a huge citrus fan πŸ™‚

My boyfriend tried the Serrano mixed with grilled pineapple margarita. It was still very heated. The pineapple did not seem very obvious but possibly if I tried it next to the regular Serrano margarita the comparison would have been more apparent. It could have also been the batch of peppers making it a more heated drink no matter what πŸ™‚

 photo eddb48b5-02c9-41ac-b2fb-a7f0edc5b184_zps6d316421.jpg

The dessert was not only presented beautifully but it was very yummy! It was the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, recommendation from our server, and she did not steer us wrongly! A macadamia-peanut cookie, caramel anglaise, blueberry-yuzu compote, and star anise ice cream surrounded this amazing cheesecake. I would have not normally ordered it but I was very glad I did! πŸ˜€

 photo 57b7f07e-d4f8-46fd-a48c-93b9115ce2ec_zps1dc2d654.jpg

I always get very distracted by the many tequila and infused margarita options at La Biblioteca that I forget to check out the beer. They do have a couple beers on draft (only two taps) and the Day of the Dead beers in bottle- I really want to try those some time!

Disclosure: I was invited into this restaurant and this meal was complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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    • Yes, you should! If you love goat cheese, I think you will find that one to be your favorite as well! They are not an only sushi bar so they have less selection than sushi places but the Wasabi Wednesday is well worth it and it is a good place to go if not everyone in the party is feeling sushi πŸ™‚

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