Wonderland Brewing

With Sesh Fest just around the corner, I got invited to check out the Wonderland brew house as part of the pre-excitement fun! Imbibe Denver and Colorado Brewers Guild are putting on Sesh Fest this Saturday, August 2 at Sculpture Park in downtown Denver. Session beers are less than 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), making them easy to pound on a hot day without getting you stumbling drunk, and Sesh Fest is a celebration of this beer style!

 photo f4e7afc6-7ffc-4194-bd29-ce433162d668_zpse2b0067c.jpg

Wonderland Brewing will be in attendance, serving a traditional German weissbier. Wonderland Brewing opened not too long ago in Broomfield, Colorado so I was excited to check out this new brewery and to get an inside look of the brew house.

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Joshua Willet, head brewer, was a friendly, informative, and cheery individual to meet! Bess was also there brewing which was awesome! Josh talked a lot about the brewing equipment and its affect on the taste of the beer, as well as the ingredients that go into the brewing process. He seemed very passionate about the beer making process πŸ™‚

 photo 9b494723-aa08-40fe-9505-c9b5cbbae787_zpse0df45e0.jpg

After hanging out in the brew house for a while, I headed into the taphouse to taste some beer πŸ™‚

 photo 80779e66-f546-4aee-b82e-9c0ef8820662_zps92559114.jpg

Beer sampler:

They say~ Bold and malty. Hints of green apple and dried fruit. It was a very light amber which was super refreshing after being in the hot brew house- 5.3% ABV.

Alice Blonde
They say~ Wit-esque summer wheat spiced with coriander and orange peel. It was not a favorite- 5.2% ABV.

They say~ Earthy breadiness, herbal tea, hint of peach. It had a yellow-y, somewhat unappealing color but the flavor overcomes that quickly! It was crisp, light, and delicately peachy- 4.5% ABV.

Queen’s Tea ESB
They say~ Gluten reduced, sessionable beer. Nicely balanced with a dry finish. It was super light and easy to drink- nothing special but good- 5.67% ABV.

 photo df1f0fd4-2f6c-43a1-9f67-2ebf45e94800_zps475b1430.jpg

Beer sampler continued:

3 Putt Pale Ale
They say~ German inspired pale ale. There was no fruit added but a beautiful fruity smell is relevant- smells awesome! It was not fruity to taste really but it was a nice light pale. They use German specialty malt and German hops- 5.5% ABV.

They say~ Golden with hints of orange. It was nice- I liked it. It was decently bitter though- 6% ABV.

Saison de Geebes
They say~ Copper colour Saison dry hopped with Saaz with hints of apple and a dry finish. It was OK but not a favorite- ABV 6%.

 photo 662057fb-8769-4ac4-8b3d-73b10eab1fc4_zps4b064336.jpg

Beer sampler continued:

They say~ Single hop IPA with 1 lb of dry hops per barrel. Hoppy with a touch of apricot. It was kind of a sweet and smooth IPA- I picked up on the touch of apricot.

They say~ hint of hazelnut with a roasty coffee aftertaste. It definitely had a roasty flavor but not too much. It was a very nice, light coffee flavored, smooth, porter- 5.2% ABV.

Black IPA
They say~ Roast malt balanced, dry hopped. This was a pretty roasted Black IPA. It was a little hard to drink on a hot summer day and in general, a little too roasty for me.

Top 3 Favorites: Peachwit, 3 Putt Pale Ale, and the Porter

 photo d8716db5-75de-49d4-8705-41521d5796a8_zps18dc31df.jpg

They have a huge space with ping pong tables. There is a nice patio out front and a lot of room at the bar. Food trucks stop in so that you can have some yummy grub with your beer πŸ˜€

 photo 0eedaa20-6bc4-4045-9322-d376c66a8ea0_zpsf359e6f8.jpg

If you are looking for something to do Saturday and need (of course you do!) some more beer in your life, check out Sesh Fest! Be sure to stop by Wonderland Brewing as well!

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17 responses to “Wonderland Brewing

    • Oh that is good! I think they are pretty cute lol And I believe that is there goal- to make you smile πŸ™‚ I do not know if I am going to the festival :-/ I have so much to do that I was going to maybe pass on this one even though I keep going back and fourth! lol

  1. Colorado already has so many great microbreweries (Oscar Blues, Lefthand, New Belgium just to name a few) but I love that new ones are still popping up. Cool!

    • Yes Mary, they are popping up all the time! It is hard to keep track. There are plenty in the Denver area but then also even more in the surrounding areas.

    • ha ha, you’d be in heaven! I loved the peachwit even though the color and even description would maybe not usually pull me in but it was so yummy πŸ™‚

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