Olive & Finch

A little while back I got invited to Olive & Finch, an eatery and bakery in uptown. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you can stop in just for some coffee or enjoy a selection of breakfast sandwiches or an assortment of pastries. An array of sandwiches, soups and salads cover the lunch menu.

 photo 46029e3b-52e3-41a6-9b95-d18d48007e01_zpseca455d2.jpg

Charles III

We chose to check out dinner at Olive & Finch– it was a pretty quiet Wednesday evening. There were a few other guests in at the time. One couple worked on their computer while enjoying some food- it is definitely a more relaxed place to grab dinner. They have a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere with wooden tables in a open but small space. They do well with their small space and kitchen area. They pull off classy cuisine in a casual setting. They run things a little differently; Browse the menu, order at the counter and then grab a seat. They also have a nice little outdoor area to sit at when the weather is good.

 photo ab374f8f-555b-42a2-b356-5585eedd9b91_zpsf4f6c4b0.jpg

O&F Spread

We started out with a couple cocktails. I got the Charles III which was Hendrick’s gin, St. Germain, fresh squeeze grapefruit and meyer lemon juice. It was very refreshing and I loved that it came in a jar. Though I enjoyed the cocktail I would say the setting was more meant for a glass of wine or a cold beer. We started with the O & F Spread which was a selection of cheeses & meats, caramelized onions, toasted nuts, compote, roasted garlic, marinated olives, pickled vegetables & crostini. The spread was good but it did not blow me away and honestly, I think a simpler version may have been a little more fitting.

 photo ea9c697d-586b-4bd1-ae92-d800c8b0338f_zps1f9908ba.jpg

Fennel Salad

Before heading to entrees we decided to try one of the salads. We tried the salad with shaved fennel, grapefruit, orange, olives, parsley, and fennel seed vinaigrette. It was a beautiful salad. Though it was good it was not my favorite salad but that is probably a mistake on my part, I may not be the biggest fan of fennel.

 photo b863ed02-7b88-4b1e-8ee7-d400d63cd153_zps836fc297.jpg

More drinks anyone? After dabbling in the cocktails we decided on a couple beers. They only have bottled and canned options but they have some good choices. I went with the Rogue American Amber Ale because the amber sounded like it would be nice and light flavored which would be a good accompaniment to the entrees we were about to enjoy. My friend enjoyed the Monkshine Belgian Style Blonde by Uinta.

 photo 3336ec77-9400-4b39-919b-deeddfc10e5f_zps05572a52.jpg

Moving on to the entrees! I was very impressed with both of them. We got the pan roasted Duroc pork tenderloin that came with potato puree, fennel and asparagus, white wine and mustard. The potato puree alone was awesome and then with the tenderloin swirled into the mix, it was a great combination! This is probably less of a summer item but it was not too filling or heavy (the potato puree was much lighter than your average mashed potatoes) and I really liked it.

 photo 9f0e9d51-6e98-4fa4-b626-3720341d4f1e_zpsf64ed605.jpg

The next dish was the perfect summer pasta: house made pappardelle pasta, with black tiger shrimp, corn, roasted red peppers, basil, and lemon guerre blanc. It was so delicious! I absolutely loved this combination of flavors in a yummy pasta. Though I did not do any intense beer and food tastings, I would say the amber was probably the best with the pork and the blonde with the summer pasta πŸ™‚

 photo a9822a8d-eb84-4a4f-bf1c-21b1da70009d_zps69957c1d.jpg

After these lovely dishes somehow they convinced us to get some dessert. It may have also been the large glass display case that flaunts the beautiful desserts so well. Though this would never have been my first choice, we decided on this strawberry and creme layered cake. We originally were thinking carrot cake but they said it had a lot of nuts and I was not sure I would enjoy that. There was also this ridiculously chocolaty option that I am sure would have been divine but we were so full we did not think we could handle that one.

 photo daa3d141-73ba-4a0d-adee-fccade923603_zps932e14da.jpg

The one we chose was good. The outside was a little too sugary for me but I enjoyed the inside- it was light and yummy. It also went nice with the Lindermans Framboise Lambic which is a tart, raspberry Belgian ale. They also brought out a little sliver of the carrot cake which was really yummmy!! I did not think it had a lot of nuts and would definitely order it another time.

Disclosure: I was invited into this restaurant and this meal was complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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~Tough Love by Jessie Ware
Found this beautiful song from a new blogger that found me, poetry in an empty coke can

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14 responses to “Olive & Finch

  1. what the what? That cake! I can see what you’re saying about it maybe being a bit too much, but still. Holy cow. Fun to just look at it πŸ™‚ And I definitely and am going to trying to make myself Charles III as I love all of those ingredients and even happen to have them on hand. Gin seems a summer staple. Pretty beers, too.

    • Yes, it is very fun to look at! And so were all the other desserts they had πŸ™‚ I am glad to inspire you into making a delicious cocktail! It is definitely a great combo for summer- I agree about Gin!

  2. WOW – that Dessert – the food looks delicious and the beers YUM πŸ™‚ I love a more casual, low-key dining experience. Thanks so much for sharing – Happy Tuesday!

    • Then you would really enjoy this place! It is nice to sometimes just be able to chat and not be bothered by a server yet still enjoy yummy food πŸ™‚ Isn’t that dessert beautiful? Though I did not like the sweet exterior, it was mighty pretty.

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