The New and Improved P17

P17 is your new uptown neighborhood bistro; Well, it was originally Parallel 17 but the simplified name introduces a different concept with exciting new food and drink options that will alter with the seasons. Bistro, “a small, informal restaurant serving moderately priced, simple meals in a modest setting, often with wine as an accompaniment,” describes the new concept behind P17. P17 will serve 17 plates of bistro fare, all under $20 and the food and drinks will be inspired by the seasons.

 photo 16363854-72cc-4299-ae69-cee3a2686152_zpsf8d24a4d.jpg

As a sneak preview into this new idea, we enjoyed a fun cocktail party where some of the drink items were on display. The French Quarter was my first choice and that was no mistake. This delicious rye whiskey (Templeton) cocktail was so smooth and easy to sip on. It was accompanied by absinthe, Paychaud’s bitters, and lavender. In my opinion, the lavender did not have a huge part but it seemed to help balance the drink. There was also a nice hint of cinnamon.

 photo bb5e5716-0023-4ab3-8705-8099772a92e2_zpscecf551c.jpg

The next cocktail was the City Park. It cannot be compared to the French Quarter in anyway. The City Park was this amazingly refreshing cocktail that would be easily downed after a hot run around City Park πŸ™‚ Kettle One Citroen, cucumber water, lemongrass, and lemon made up this delicious cocktail.

 photo eaf82be8-6fd5-4283-99f7-cf2ec2315b90_zpsfa05f4b4.jpg

While enjoying these yummy cocktails, we got to snack on some tasty little bites. The grilled zucchini with corn salsa and pecorino were a fun little bite. It was very lightly flavored but was a good addition, nonetheless.

 photo b1635b23-8514-4466-b23c-6a2eb2212270_zpsf0fb3476.jpg

The Gougeres (aka “French cheese puffs”) were a bite full of cheesy amazingness! This pastry with gruyere cheese was light and scrumptious. These can be enjoyed as a small plate before your meal πŸ™‚

 photo 323fd711-d630-413f-bc7e-cd9fc902c048_zpse06ffe04.jpg

The Red Coral was the last cocktail to try but its chandelier style sugar rim, made it the most beautiful πŸ™‚ Mell vodka, strawberry, agave, and kaffir lime leaf made up this sexy drink. It was a really great cocktail but the sugar rim definitely is what intrigued me and pulled me in.

 photo 0d3c43a0-5be2-4da1-8b96-ef083f48b072_zpsfbf8ac42.jpg

The mini monte cristo with Tasso ham, gruyere, and a raspberry jam on brioche was absolutely delicious! This sandwhich can be enjoyed during lunch time with a choice of house frites, chips or a small simple salad.

 photo ff166863-46a2-4a28-91b0-8e6aed807d8a_zps2bb8e09b.jpg

While enjoying cocktails and snacks out on the patio, I got to meet P17’s very own wine guy, Ryan O’Connor. He was a very knowledgeable individual and I enjoyed hearing about all the different wines on the menu.

 photo 471fd14a-c2b8-4121-9f3c-ec2c79f3b52e_zps29c5d588.jpg

The preview menu had both Salted Chocolate and Cashew Pie and a selection of ice creams for dessert. The pie sounded amazing but unfortunately it never made it to my mouth. Apparently, it comes topped with bacon ice cream and bourbon crΓ¨me anglaise! I definitely NEED to go try it πŸ™‚ Instead, the only dessert I got a taste of was this apple cinnamon sorbet. It was good but I am not a big apple pie or apple cinnamon dessert person.

 photo 50572034-9d94-43a3-ad95-2e5fecf50d6c_zps7ea19c4d.jpg

It just wouldn’t be a real party with out some delicious beer! πŸ™‚ P17 has four taps that feature various craft beers. We concluded our time at P17 with the Upslope Craft Lager. With their new menu items, I will have to get in soon to try some of these dishes!

 photo 97a1e165-a389-4a3e-a931-d7f0a1a382d6_zpsbd1f52a5.jpg

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9 responses to “The New and Improved P17

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  2. Ok – all that found looks amazing! I adore eating little scrummy things while imbibing in a cool venue. Alas, it doesn’t happen much these days #kids

  3. Hi Lilly Sue, I’m Mary from Mary’s Secret Ingredients! I found your blog through Suzanne’s and wow your pictures and recipes are great! Can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚

  4. Love their concept – plus love that wine bottle – delicious drinks and eats – thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚ I think it would be fun to take a mixology class. Happy Day!

    • Thanks Renee! I agree! I really want to be better at making creative cocktails πŸ™‚ I at least like how they give you what is in the cocktails so that you can take a stab at it if desired.

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