Tequila Tasting at La Biblioteca

Beer is a year-round drink for me: mostly dark, strong beers in the winter and lighter, crisp beers in the summer (IPAs are drinkable year round!). However, when it comes to liquor, there really is a change with the season, at least for me. Whiskey is the best winter warmer but as the days begin to get hotter, I think more and more about tequila πŸ™‚

 photo 91870aaf-0144-416d-8b24-293b50fed373_zps4fd36f13.jpg

Good tequila is fun to shoot with friends and margaritas are great for sipping on. Since the last (hopefully!) snow has passed in Colorado, it is definitely tequila season πŸ˜€

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La Biblioteca has a Meet the Maker event on the first Thursday of every month where they host different tequila makers. This is a fun way to try and learn about new tequilas while enjoying delicious small plates! May featured Centinela tequila straight from Mexico. Centinela has been family owned and operated since 1904 in Los Altos, Jalisco. Their Centinela line has a blanco, reposado, and an anejo. They also have another line that is called Cabrito, meaning “little goat”, which has a blanco and a resposado.

 photo 41bb1fb2-5a66-421a-aafe-b99b70aef183_zpsc2c5510c.jpg

All of their tequilas are 100% agave and I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on all of them. We started with the Cabrito Blanco and made our way up to the Centinela Anejo. Though Centinela brought you higher end tequila, I was particularly impressed with the Cabritos. They were easy to sip and they would definitely be smooth for shooting!

 photo 89b7fd44-c97d-458e-b239-8bd494852c04_zpsd2b50c90.jpg

While you are there sipping on delicious tequila, make sure to try some of their cocktails and small plates! They have happy hour 4-7 which includes $5 margaritas, $3.50 cervezas, $2 drafts, and $3-6 bites. For margaritas, we tried the traditional margarita, and two of the house-infused margaritas: the blueberry and lemon, and the serrano. I expected the blueberry infused margarita to be too sweet but it was perfect: refreshing and delicious! The serrano infused margarita was similar to the sweet heat cocktail I had tried at the Sneak Preview Party . If you like a little kick in your cocktail, it is very delicious.

 photo 0a3d6916-5c74-4790-a431-c1ce6111b035_zps6f915da9.jpg

Their beer selection is typical for a latin inspired restaurant with corona, dos equis, negro modelo, and bohemia as some of the options. For food, we ordered a couple plates of sushi. One of which, had goat cheese in the roll. I cannot remember the name but it was so delicious and I recommend you try it when you visit! We also had the carnitas rice noodle bowl that had pork, mushrooms, snow peas, and carrots. It had a cashew hot and sour sauce and was topped with an egg. Once the egg yolk was broken and it soaked into the noodles, you had a delicious creamy combination!

Upcoming Meet the Maker events at La Biblioteca:
June 5th Agave Underground
July 3rd Suerte (a Boulder company)

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17 responses to “Tequila Tasting at La Biblioteca

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  2. I totally agree that tequila is a sunny day drink! I rarely have it in the UK, but always look forward to a margarita or two when I’m in LA.

    • Yes, please do. The cabrito ones were really good for your “cheaper” tequila and would be great in cocktails as well as if you happen to be shooting tequila πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Bam!! Tequila is awesome! I may have spoke too soon though- we have been getting some crazy stormy weather and tornado warnings. So weird.

  3. what fun! I enjoy tequila as well and am sad when folks think they don’t like it because of bad college memories. It can be a lovely sipper and is tons o’fun in cocktails.

    • Yes, that is the truth! I think tequila needs a second chance when people have those bad memories. Bad tequila is really bad but good tequila is amazing πŸ™‚ I am sure you have lots of fun tequila cocktails!

  4. So Much FUN! I recently did a moonshine tasting – certainly have to mix it with something because straight up is not my speed. I enjoyed learning about the making of moonshine too. Happy Week πŸ™‚

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