Allagash Beer-soaked Ladyfingers

It has been a CRAZY past few months! One of the last moments of sanity was back when I went to the Big Beers Festival in January. It was a wintery getaway full of deliciously strong beer!

If you recall, I helped with a cooking workshop with Ginger Johnson from Women Enjoying Beer. Ginger made multiple yummy dishes with beer. One of the dishes was Beer-soaked Ladyfingers. Allagash Fluxus 2013 was used as the beer in this chocolaty, zesty ice cream topping.

After the session I was excited to have received a bottle of the Fluxus so that I could make it at home! Since the months flew by and I never got a round to it, I decided to finally just enjoy the beer. However, the recipe is on Your Home with Karie Engels and I definitely recommend it! It is a dessert that can be easily thrown together and will surely WOW your guests πŸ™‚

 photo 94ab3899-9f07-426c-a272-86140f84194b_zps54a7376d.jpg

The Fluxus is an ale brewed with blood oranges. Though I would definitely consider it a dessert beer, it is an ale which keeps it from being too heavy like a stout or porter. It has a strong chocolate aroma but it is not overwhelming in the taste. I felt it had a delicate smoky flavor. It was very pleasant on the palette.

If not making it into a dessert, it would be so delicious accompanying a simple chocolate cake or anything that is not too heavy or extravagant.

 photo 3fe4e281-91b6-44c5-8c3d-d1f7fe58fdf6_zpsed53b56e.jpg

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18 responses to “Allagash Beer-soaked Ladyfingers

  1. Oh my gosh, smoky, chocolatey blood orange beer? Sounds delicious! I love liqueur-soaked biscuits with ice cream so I can imagine how delicious the dessert beer soaked ladyfingers would be. I’ll have to try and track this beer down over here… yum x

  2. Hi lily-sue, great to hear your love for beer & food pairings still continues on. I love the sound of the choc/blood orange variety, in both beer, food & chocolate, it’s a winning combination!

  3. Hi Lilly, It’s been some crazy months over here for me in hk too…so glad you had this great chance to visit this beer festival. Nothing beats getting into our true self and doing what we love best. That blood orange beer is interesting! How do you like it?

  4. that beer looks amazing and I love your photos.

    Wanted to share that I finally made it to a local brewery. Though haha, I had a scotch and soda! Though that was followed by a meeting for a professional organization I belong to where we tasted a flight of four beers and ate crazy-good food. One of the pizzas, for instance, was called a bahn mi’zza. So good and just plain brilliant to turn that sandwich into a pizza. Went great with beer πŸ™‚

    • Well I wouldn’t call it a summer beer- maybe a summer dessert beer. It is still dark and more of a cooler beer for me but still drinkable in summer. Maybe on a cool of rainy summer day? πŸ™‚

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