Family, Ravioli, and Beer

The glorious Ravioli Sunday has come and gone again. As many of you know, it is always one of my favorite days of the year. It is so much fun making ravioli from scratch with my sisters and mom, while enjoying some delicious beers, of course! 🙂

 photo 5391f25b-b221-46d4-88d0-10e086f98263_zps11374455.jpg

We shared two different beers that were perfect for day drinking. We started off with the Breakfast Stout by Backcountry Brewery. This was a delicious coffee beer that I will review very soon! After our breakfast beer we moved to the Day IPA by Lagunitas. I feel the names of both of these beers make it very self explanatory as to why they were perfect 🙂

 photo 5cce0d72-d6b8-4476-bdbe-3effdba37266_zps5295b796.jpg

Each year, it seems we get quicker and quicker at the whole process. The Ravioli was ready well before people started arriving and we were even able to just relax for a little bit. Well, I took the opportunity to work on school stuff but in future years there will be no school work to do! 😀

 photo e5913123-9a97-4aed-8498-f43bb0c409cc_zps73f4a6dc.jpg photo a68fd5c9-08fd-44a9-8975-ad8bf77e3559_zps98843380.jpg

This year we made a sausage filling and a cheese filling. The sausage filling had spinach, ricotta cheese, and sage (find the recipe here). The cheese filling had ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmesan (find the recipe here). Both fillings were very delicious. Since I am always the filler, I constantly get little tastes 😀

 photo c410928c-d275-4d7c-8af9-6b63cae95397_zpsa3e11918.jpg photo 32cacfcd-603e-400c-88ac-aa8f468116e9_zps6e4ecaea.jpg photo a38257df-d1de-4679-93aa-05b0831e6fb4_zps5a2a56f8.jpg

We made between 15-20 dozen ravioli this year and had some to spare! Italian sausage, salad, and garlic bread were served with the delicious Ravioli.

 photo 2c191f1f-86fb-4c09-915c-c583d2dcbb2e_zps8583fd2b.jpg

This year, the chefs decided to experiment with the leftover dough. After searching the cupboards and fridge, we decided on a dessert ravioli with strawberry rhubarb jelly and goat cheese with a chocolate drizzle.

 photo da2ca005-cb2e-4e76-8d84-46849a3edf48_zpsb5b0752a.jpg

We drained a little bit of the strawberry rhubarb jelly (so it was not too liquid-y) and mixed it with some goat cheese. We stuffed the ravioli and pan fried them to perfectness. These were delicious little dessert pockets that only the chefs got to enjoy 😀

 photo 5cb32e56-4ca3-45ec-901d-426d61eae133_zpsff398c13.jpg

It was a delicious day, indeed! I am already excited for next year’s Ravioli Sunday! 🙂

 photo c84a4ecd-7a04-465a-9ff1-be4ad45ad015_zps236687e8.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Taro by Alt-J

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18 responses to “Family, Ravioli, and Beer

  1. what a fantastic picture of the Ravioli Ladies 🙂 Love all the generations together like that. Ravioli looks good, too. What a fun tradition. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your pasta looks absolutely wonderful, and it sounds as though you had a great family day too. And Breakfast Stout must have been a great way to start the day!

  3. Yum! Love both versions of your ravoili but I’m particularly enticed by those sweet strawberry rhubarb ones. Delicious! What a great family tradition. I recently bought my own pasta machine so I might just try your pasta ideas and start my own weekend habit! Love the sound of that breakfast stout too… I’ll try to track it down.

    • The sweet ones were a fun experiment! It is great being the chef because you can do whatever you want 🙂 Enjoy your homemade pasta!

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