Top Favorites for Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week starts Saturday and will continue through next Friday (February 22-28)! This is a great time to venture out of the routine restaurants to try some of the ones that have been adding to your list! Restaurant Week provides 3 to 5-course meals at several different restaurants for only $30/person. There are plenty of restaurants on the list but I have compiled some of my favorites.

Root Down (Highlands)
~Extended offering: Friday, February 21-March 2

If you have never been to Root Down, now is the time! They make delicious top-notch food and lucky for you, they are starting their restaurant week tomorrow! The Sweet Potato Falafel, Brussel Sprouts and Kale Salad, or Colorado Ranch Meatballs are sure to start the evening off right! Choices of Celery Root Pasta, Tender Belly Pork Loin, or a Lentil and Chorizo dish will provide a fulfilling and tasty meal. Finish the evening with their divine Croissant Bread Pudding with Whiskey Butter Sauce and Cinnamon Ice Cream! It is an amazing dessert that you do not want to miss out on!

Cuba Cuba (Golden triangle)

Looking for amazing Cuban food and outstanding cocktails? Look no further; Cuba Cuba is one of my favorite Denver restaurants. Seems silly that they have not been featured on here yet but believe me, they will be soon! Arepas Y Ropa Vieja, a shredded beef creole served over sweet corn cakes, or Ceviches Con Tostones, fresh shrimp marinated in citrus juices and served over fried green plantaines, are sure to excite the taste buds! Though I have not tried either of the entree options, Camarones al Coco or Picadillo a Caballo, I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed. The Cafe Con Tres Leches (yum!) or Key Lime Tart will wrap up the evening nicely and satisfy your sweet craving.

Zengo and La Biblioteca (Riverfront Park)

Zengo has lots of options in their 3-course meal, starting with choices of soup, salad, sushi rolls, or unique pork carnitas “tacos.” The Szechuan Pork Tenderloin with bacon kimchi fried rice sounds delicious as a second course. There are also chicken, salmon and tofu options. Conclude the evening with Chocolate Flourless Cake, Cajeta Flan, or Mango Sorbet.

La Biblioteca, connected to Zengo, will also be participating and has a variety of fun foods in their 4-course meal. Edamame is always a fun way to start a meal or try their unique Guacamole with Smoked Trout. Next, enjoy sushi rolls or Crunchy Shrimp served with Yuzu Sriracha Aioli. Pork Belly Steam Buns, Crispy Calamari, Lamb Albondigas, or their scrumptious Achiote-Hoisin Pulled Pork Sliders provide you with some great 3rd course options. The dessert options are the same as Zengo.


Osteria Marco (Larimer)

Osteria Marco has not been featured on this blog yet either but I highly recommend it for a tasty evening of unique Italian dishes. They make delicious in house ricotta that comes with one if the first course choices! One of the second course options is a whole roasted pig, roman Gnocchi, Pancetta Bruseel Sprout, and Apple-Fennel Salad. I have a hard time saying no to Gnocchi and this looks like a delicious combination! End the evening with a Flourless Chocolate Torte served with vanilla Gelato, nutella chocolate sauce, and whipped cream πŸ™‚ Or try the Butterscotch bread pudding or Vanilla Gelato.

Sugarmill (LoDo)

Sugarmill was featured on here previously due to their ridiculously delicious and sophisticated desserts. For Restaurant Week try their Chocolate and Peanut Butter Creme Brulee with house-made vanilla marshmallow and raspberry caramel sauce or a Cinnamon Roll Torte with cream cheese mousse, caramel glaze and candied pecans. Is there even a need for the other courses?! πŸ˜€ First course allows you to try meatballs with white beans, broccoli, and tomato or fresh mozzorella, spinach, candied walnuts, and roasted peppers. Before devouring the dessert options, enjoy Herb crusted hanger steak or butternut squash risotto.



Ernie’s Bar and Grill (Sunnyside)

Looking for something a bit more chill and less fancy? This is one of those local bars that you gravitate towards on any given night due to its comfortable atmosphere, delicious beer selection, and well-priced great food. Start with a Bomber of beer or Ernie’s Private Label Wine and then lead into an appetizer of Anti-Pasto Platter. Next, enjoy a choice of salad like the Rainbow Quinoa or Kale salad. For the fourth course share a pizza (gluten-free options available), Coulette Steak or the Seafood Tortellini that is a three-cheese tortellini pasta with lobster, shrimp and clams sauteed in a fontina cream sauce. Complete this filling meal with house-made Tiramisu or Cheesecake. Though I am not a cheesecake person, I honestly really enjoy their cheesecake! It is very delicious!

Cafe Brazil (Berkley)

Cafe Brazil creates unique South American dishes. One of the starting courses is a cold smoked Alepeppo rubbed pork tenderloin sliced mid rare with a strawberry rhubarb glaze. Next enjoy a Jicama, cucumber and green apple salad or a marinated red beet salad. As a final course their are seafood (large prawn and diver scallop), sirloin, lamb chops, or vegetarian options. The lamb chops are served with yogurt cucumber red onion salsa alongside a cherub tomato and fennel salad.

Shells and Sauce (City Park)

The drastic change from summer-like weather to snow and wind-chill may evoke a desire for comfort food and Pasta is just that. Though I have only had brunch at Shells and Sauce due to their fried chicken and waffles making it on the Top Hearty Denver Dishes list, their dinner probably follows suit. Start with an Antipasti Platter, then enjoy a choice of soup or salad, and the third course provides lots of entree options like Stuffed Shells, Wild Grilled Salmon or Rigatoni and Brussels sprouts. Finish the meal off with a Tres Leches, Tiramisu or Chocolate Flourless Cake.


For all the course choices and to see other participating restaurants, visit Denver Restaurant Week.

Hopefully I have made you hungry on this Thursday morning!! I know I sure am! πŸ˜€

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24 responses to “Top Favorites for Denver Restaurant Week

  1. Denver Restaurant Week is code for Gwynne Spends So Much Money Eating Out Week. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been good this year. My husband and I only went out to Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House downtown. The first course I chose was the gnocchi corn crema with shaved roasted brussels sprouts.Off-the-hook delicious. The chef had filled the gnocchi with the creamed corn. Seriously could have eaten a pot of it.

    How cool is it that they’re doing a second week in August this year?!?

    • That sounds amazing!! I LOVE gnocchi! I am super jealous! πŸ™‚ I did not get to partake at all 😦 Glad you did! I think it is awesome they are doing August one as well! Now all your money does not have to be spent in one week! πŸ™‚

  2. Now you’ve got me wishing that I lived in Denver. Or at least that I was close enough to visit… Australia’s not that far away, right? Oh my gosh, Cuba Cuba…! The menu sounds divine! Great restaurant round up Lilly Sue! xx

  3. Ugh, I can never make it to Denver restaurant week. I’m so busy shuttling kids all day long, I fall asleep at 8 in front of the telly! They all sound great Lilly Sue. I will have to try them one day. How about we meet one weekend for lunch? May be my only option!!


    • Hey! I totally understand. Though I had high hopes of visiting a few of them this week, I will be lucky to make it to one! With my crazy schedule I am ready to pass out by 8 as well but typically have to push it until later doing graduate work 😦 I would love to meet for lunch sometime! Maybe a Saturday or Sunday happy hour? In about one more month I will be back to “normal” busy lol and would love to meet πŸ™‚

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