Bomber Friday: Creme Brulee

It’s Friday, so grab your favorite six-pack on the way home from work or enjoy a new beer. Bombers are 22 fl oz bottles of beer that often contain a brewery’s elite or unique concoction. Like a good bottle of wine, they are great for sharing and sipping πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for periodic blasts of bomber Fridays.

 photo 7063592b-4bf0-4710-8b8c-6a84f7ae7825_zpsbe8186ad.jpg

The Creme Brulee Imperial Milk Stout by Southern Tier is the ultimate DESSERT beer! This is a beer to stand alone, in place of dessert. It smells strongly of vanilla and sweet caramel and it tastes of rich, creamy sweetness. It pours black in color with little to no head. This beer is brewed with vanilla beans which gives it its deep vanilla flavors.

 photo d6d3c0a9-f366-4b83-984c-54953c1d48e9_zpsab364bdc.jpg

This is definitely a beer for sharing! It could be paired with something light like custard, vanilla ice cream or plain cheesecake. Custard would be a decadent combination, giving it that extra creaminess!! Here is my custard recipe.

As a Colorado resident, we sadly do not have access to Southern Tier (Lakewood, NY) brews but if you are crafty, you will find a way to get your hands on their beer! πŸ˜€

Music For Your Ears:

~The Hop by Radio Citizen

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25 responses to “Bomber Friday: Creme Brulee

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    • Ya there are some vanilla porters you can find but they are nothing like this- this is very much enriched with vanilla πŸ™‚ if you like vanilla though, you’d probably be happy with a vanilla porter but it will be calmer (less rich) than this beer

  2. I think that there’s no end to the beautiful combinations of beer & food! As for a vanilla rich flavour and creamy sweetness, yes please! If only we had dessert beers here.

    There you have it, a market opening for your craft!

  3. Oh my gosh. Creme brulee in a beer?!!! Wow, this sounds amazing Lilly Sue. I’ll look out for it in our local bottle shop. I can imagine pouring it over ice cream… yummmm! x

  4. I had it once with a plane slice of cheesecake. It was wonderful, really adding creaminess and a lot of the notes in bith cake and beer.

  5. by saying it’s meant for sharing, do you mean it’s too strong to finish solo? Looks powerful. But what fun to cook and bake with! Maybe the acid would break the custard, but maybe could add flavor to creme brulee? ??

    • It is just really rich. I am not kidding when I say it tastes like dessert!!! lol If you can handle 22 oz of rich dessert then maybe you can drink it solo πŸ™‚ This beer is so incredible (and probably decently expensive) so I am not sure I would bake with it but it definitely would be delicious. If I did something with it I would want to make sure it was the only flavor added so that it was really coming through. I think it could definitely be reduced and added in place of the vanilla extract- yum!! Beer-y Creme Brulee! πŸ™‚

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