Winter Brew Fest

A celebration of beer -specifically winter beers that pleasantly greet you as you step foot inside from the frigid outdoors- at The Winter Brew Fest took place a couple weeks ago. It was luckily not on one of our below zero nights that we are currently fighting because then the whole crowd would have been crammed inside, drinking beer to the last drop!

 photo 39f2ec5d-7b3e-45e1-a6ef-707f993427d2_zps4cba5540.jpg

The evening started off right with Sublimely Self-Righteous by Stone. There really is no going wrong with a beer from Stone! The Cherry Kriek– a fabulously crafted beer by Strange Brewing– was altered into a more winter-y beer: Cherry Bomb Belgian Stout. The Senorita Horchata Imperial Porter by Elevation Beer knocks the pants off of winter beers! This was an absolutely delicious porter. Vanilla and cinnamon come through in the aroma as well as in the taste. This is their seasonal release and well worth a try!

 photo 253cc425-2915-4cc1-bbca-4afc4a4cb30b_zps190a93f5.jpg

A beer festival is just not a beer festival without food trucks! Though I have mentioned them on here before, Basic Kneads makes such damn good pizza! Or rather, I should say specifically the Sweet Thai Chili Chicken is amazing. I finally strayed away and though the special pizza that night was good, it did not compare to my Sweet Thai Chili 😀

 photo 82197c11-b6e2-45ff-9532-c0c0d9945eda_zpsf6e9db80.jpg

For anyone a bit observant, you have noticed it says Summer Brew Fest on the glasses! Though I may wish it was summer right now the reality is it is 1 degree outside. There was a glitch in the delivering of the branded glasses and some festival goers received Summer Brew Fest branding while others received blank ones. I guess they should throw a tasting party with the actual glasses 🙂

 photo d59e6b7c-0535-4fd1-9636-4d2bea476610_zpsc8fdedbb.jpg

It sometimes amazes me the stretches we go through for craft beer but when looking to taste multiple beers there is not a better way than a beer festival. I had a new friend in town and thought it was perfect timing for her to be able to attend so as to get a taste of Denver 🙂 Though the festival extended to an outdoor tent, heated of course, it was shoulder to shoulder maneuvering. The Summer Brew Fest, put on by the same group, is a little easier to navigate with a large crowd due to more open space outside. But as always, a beer festival is hardly an event to complain about 😀

 photo 8c756f2d-44b7-45c9-a0bf-ea5d514c4b63_zps539f3537.jpg photo ec6d5d01-3f7e-4c22-bc89-7854eec7e779_zpsd374f277.jpg

The Winter and Summer Brew Fest benefit Swallow Hill Music.

Music For Your Ears:

~No Diggity by Chet Faker

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11 responses to “Winter Brew Fest

  1. I was there on Saturday night. I am not a fan. After going to the Great American Beer Festival for the past 6 years, I feel like the Winter beer fest was not only overly crowded, but very unorganized.

    • I feel it is incomparable to GABF due to local versus national. I do feel it was too crowded which I was not expecting since their summer addition this past year was not as crowded. I definitely realized after that first VIP hour, the experience may have been soured due to immediate overload of people.

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