A Rich and Warming Brew: Old Rasputin

After an enticing warm-weathered weekend, snow is falling again in Colorado. Luckily, this rich, intense beer will definitely warm you right up on any cold, snowy evening. It is not so intense that one bottle can not be downed by one person but it has a flavor that lures you in to just one more sip. It is a warming brew, that is for sure!

 photo ca66c752-2bcc-4108-9ece-7cfd849f623b_zps114f9864.jpg

Old Rasputin is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed by North Coast Brewing (California). On the bottle of Old Rasputin it states that it was “brewed in the tradition of the 18th century English brewers who supplied the Russian court of Catherine the great. ”

The bottle is of the man Rasputin, a Russian peasant and adviser, and includes Russian writing that says: “A sincere friend is not born instantly.” True words indeed!

 photo b89cf9a0-5fd2-468c-b6c2-cb4fc4b0c29a_zps6472f857.jpg

Though this beer is so enjoyable to sip on, I can only imagine a Rasputin Float could do just as much justice, if not more. They also suggest pairing it with Black Forest Strata Cake- Mmm, delicious! Cheers!

[Photo courtesy of North Coast]
 photo 7d81c537-bc55-4d3a-8b4a-0b2ccd8d4852_zps534f743e.png

Music For Your Ears:

~Welcome Home by Radical Face

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20 responses to “A Rich and Warming Brew: Old Rasputin

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  2. North Coast makes some good brews. Old Rasputin is one of my faves, I have to try it as a float. It looks amazing. If you like beer floats give Samual Smiths Chocolate Stout at try too.

    • Yes, that one would definitely be good as a float! I always end up cooking with it but I need to just try it as a float one of these days πŸ™‚ Thanks!

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