Festivus 2013!

There is nothing like a beer festival to bring holiday cheer! People gathered together Saturday evening in their most festive holiday attire and best Christmas sweaters for the 2nd annual Denver Beer Festivus.

 photo d9a6939e-adc4-47d4-be18-4d078ad7fff3_zps82fb0639.jpg photo d4467619-e091-4d5d-bc52-c64c3ba2b994_zps3a43a3eb.jpg

As more and more breweries pop up in Denver, this beer festival will continue to showcase the local breweries. Denver Festivus grew in size this year, expanding to a two-level festival in the McNichols Building.

 photo 98b1da04-db3f-4887-b339-cbe0bbc182c6_zps11579b2b.jpg

Some of the newest Denver breweries that attended were: Jagged Mountain, Former Future (not yet open), Epic, Diebolt, Station26, and Factotum.

 photo fdbfb4bc-54ae-4755-97b5-c4ab7a57ab9a_zps51cfb73e.jpg

There were lots of delicious beers to taste. Many breweries brought their regular beers and some brought their specialty brews. I was in the mood for some winter beers but it seemed there were not as many this year. I guess I will have to go visit the breweries! 🙂

 photo dfde8a80-1bb2-4e1b-84a0-4a2521080d37_zps75b763e7.jpg

Everyone was happily full of beer and the holiday spirit. Similar to Festivus last year, the festival ended in a huge dance party!

 photo cd9c7c2f-5363-4dab-b13d-a7882eb0a5b1_zpsc348f888.jpg photo 549c55de-d450-4500-afcc-e1fef3384b67_zps222acb9c.jpg photo 7239aae3-f8ef-4f0b-8af0-60f2c4a3160d_zps20873f7d.jpg photo 4a7b03b9-5bf5-4240-99d2-674b38f9f9b3_zps7ef25c3d.jpg

Denver Beer Festivus was brought to you by Denver Off the Wagon and Imbibe Denver.


 photo 2ce37c9f-56c7-42f7-be45-7556e20b677f_zps28721f30.jpg photo 020e41c5-e34e-45f4-a7d9-fd0fd9162c9f_zpsbb446c85.jpg photo 8144edaf-18d7-424a-8083-f3dbf0ee1283_zps71788359.jpg photo c467498c-4981-4e14-8429-9f5ee6e3b819_zpsf26ba863.jpg photo 35b54142-346d-4c62-97c9-fa7eac968682_zps9a95fd15.jpg photo 4933bc69-2aec-4e02-a91c-9be9e49440d3_zpsd467fe15.jpg photo 7727bf83-ad37-452f-8181-8115f1b7906e_zpsdb2cd8e8.jpg photo e5b8792e-7f0c-4ab9-8ff1-fa5584f7015b_zps19c88b55.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Janglin’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

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