A good local bakery is hard to find in downtown Denver. There are a handful of local coffee shops with some good baked good options but I have never been sold on one in particular that constantly satisfies my coffee and sweet tooth needs. One of my favorite things is to be able to set up at a local coffee shop, enjoy a coffee and scrumptious scone, while I jam out to with my earbuds in and get my work done.

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Sugarmill is a bakery, dessert bar and cafe that opened last week in the RiNo Art District. Though this is a little outside of central downtown, I already imagine myself traveling out of the way to stop in for my morning coffee and baked good. The space is cozy and comfortable and I also envision spending the morning there recreating my imaginable scenario 🙂

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Pastry Chef Noah French has had the dream of opening his own cafe for a while and the collaboration with Troy Guard has made this reality. The kitchen is open for guests to view and I would suggest sitting at the counter so that you can see firsthand how French creates these extraordinary dishes. Check out this interview of Noah French that explains why he is Denver’s sweetest resident 🙂

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There were MANY desserts to taste the night of the sneak preview and somehow I managed to try most of them 😉 The first batch of the red velvet cheesecakes were the first to disappear which made me very curious when they would not have been one of my top picks of desserts to try. Not being a huge cheesecake fan and the combination of two simple desserts did not have me initially intrigued. I was sadly mistaken; the red velvet cheesecakes were absolutely amazing and definitely one of my top favorites.

 photo PC033461_zps05f6d930.jpg

The chocolate jasmine mousse was another delicious treat. I love mousse but it can definitely be a heavy dessert. I felt this one was very light and easy to consume 😀

 photo PC033408_zps68236ff7.jpg

It helped having my mom there to share with me or I would not have been able to taste all the mouthwatering desserts. The little lemon meringue and banana cheesecake tartlets were also very scrumptious. There really was not anything that I did not enjoy 🙂

 photo PC033419_zpscf4e49a4.jpg

Though this review is heavy on their divine desserts, Sugarmill prides themselves in savory dishes and are open for breakfast through dinner. The savory treats that were available to try were mini beef wellingtons and mushroom toast. The mini beef wellington had a delicious bacon jam on it. The mushroom toast was a combination of goodness 🙂 I could have kept eating the mushroom toast if I had any room in my already full stomach!

 photo PC033400_zps890c7076.jpg

I will most definitely be back to Sugarmill for a coffee and treat but I also look forward to trying their lunch and dinner options!

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13 responses to “Sugarmill

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  2. Oooh this all looks yummy. Next time I am in Denver I shall definitely try it out. I am lucky in where I live in Nashville. There is just the best little bakery across the street from me. Flour.Sugar.Eggs, a bakery and sandwich shop. The croissants are to die for and the coffee….yum.

    • I totally agree! I am all about bakeries. Though I haven’t gotten to taste any breakfast baked goods there, I’m confident if they are even close to the quality of those desserts, I will love them 🙂

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