Black Shirt Brewing

Black Shirt Brewing (BSB) is a brewery that specializes in red ales. BSB is clever with their beers, making reds the base but combining them with other styles like IPAs and porters. Their unique addition to the craft beer scene sets them apart from other breweries in the Denver area.

 photo P5030218_zpsa6447fec.jpg

BSB is located in the RiNo Art District, which is just north of downtown Denver. From the exterior, the brewery looks a little randomly located but RiNo is a growing Denver neighborhood and I am sure BSB will continue to be successful in this area. They have a warm interior with thick wood block tables, brewing equipment on display, and a garage door that remains open on warm days. They have a funky theme with old school microphone taps, an operating record player and a beer list that is titled “Now Playing.”

 photo NowPlaying_zps32b20401.jpg[Photo courtesy of Black Shirt Brewing]

Back in October, BSB had their first anniversary so this post is well overdue but I have been excited to introduce them to those that have not experienced their brewery yet. Brothers, Chad and Branden, and Chad’s wife, Carissa, started the brewery. They are all so friendly and passionate about their work. I have spoken with Chad the most and he is always kind and welcoming.

 photo P5030225_zpsfc1f5820.jpg

These intriguing glasses have probably kept you patiently waiting (and reading hopefully!) to find out what they are all about. Our sense of smell goes hand in hand with our taste buds and since BSB wants you to have the perfect experience with their beer, they serve it in offero glasses to allow you to really smell the beer while tasting it.

 photo blackshirt2_zps6162f1ee.jpg

Recently, they had a Coffee Red Porter and a Chai Red Ale on tap. These were two unique and delicious beers. On this particular night, Lucille’s hand crafted artisan confections was serving s’mores with beer-infused marshmallows 😀

 photo photo3_zps947db760.jpg

Red Porter

One of their more regular beers I have enjoyed a lot is the 2013 Red IPA. Another favorite was the Red Evelyn Imperial Red Rye IPA. This ale made me sad it would not be back until next August! This beer is brewed to honor their Grandma who was, clearly, a special part of their lives.

 photo blackshirt3_zps6bbf8c28.jpg

They now have a patio which will be great when warm weather comes back around or with our random Colorado warm days, the patio will be used before then! Like most breweries, food trucks are typically there and usually the specific food truck is posted on their facebook page. Though they have been open for a while, they still have limited hours. They are currently open Wednesday through Saturday but make sure to check their website for any changes.


Music For Your Ears:

~I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash

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14 responses to “Black Shirt Brewing

  1. Those glasses are trippy! An interesting brewing concept. Sneak some into your suitcase next time you come to the East Coast.

      • Nope, I’ve never seen beer glasses like those before. I was trying it figure out which side to use and decided it was the taller.

      • Like which side to drink from? You drink from the shorter side so that you have to smell the beer while drinking/tasting. People make that mistake all the time.

      • Really? Hmm, I was thinking the taller side because the other way the rim would hit the the bridge of the nose. But what you say makes sense.

      • Well, I have not seen the problem too much but when I went there last time with my friend, he was having troubles- I guess the glass was hitting his forehead lol. I had never had a problem but you might have to tilt your head a little at the end 🙂

      • So glad you found your way up to my neck of the woods. Those glasses (Offero glassware) were initially custom made for the brewery. Offero initially made coffee mugs of a similar design for the same olfactory advantage.

        I also see a LOT of people drink from the backwards, which effectively funnels the beer into your face.

        Great write up, hope to see you around.

      • That is awesome! I did not know that. But now that you mention it, I have had a coffee mug like that at two rivers coffee in Arvada. Have you been there? Delicious coffee! I wish we had more places like that in Denver.

        It is funny to see people drink it backwards. Is it bad I find humor at their expense? 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by! Have a Happy New Year!

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