Thanksgiving: Beer Bloggers Getting Non-Traditional

Still in need of some last minute dish ideas or trying to pair booze with that Turkey meal?! I think about beer has you covered! Check out his recent post and also check out the post for pairing with traditional turkey day items. Make sure you are prepared to impress guests with great food and beer pairings! Have a great Thanksgiving!


6 responses to “Thanksgiving: Beer Bloggers Getting Non-Traditional

  1. Love that you’re around to tell us that beer pretty much goes with everything! The trick is finding the right style. Would you agree that there are more variables in beer than wine. ?? I don’t really know that–just seems it’s a more complicated spirit. Me? I’ll be drinking bourbon 😉

    • I think it has definitely become more complicated with all the spin offs from original styles. It has possibly become more variable than wine. Lots of taste testing must go in to trying to find the perfect pairing! 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and really enjoyed the post from I think about beer. I have never thought of beer with Thanksgiving dinner but I think it would be especially good with a deep fried turkey!

    • Sometimes it is hard to think of beer when we will be stuffing ourselves with so much food the beer will just be more filling! But beer and fried turkey?! Most definitely!! Lucky for me, we are doing a fried turkey this year!! I am super excited!

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