Test Trial Pumpkin Beer Cookies

Last year these delicious pumpkin cookies were featured on my blog. The recipe calls them the Best Pumpkin Cookies and I would have to agree. The cookies are great as is and the recipe does not need altering but since I like to experiment with beer, I tried something a little different this time.

 photo PA254867_zpscd760b6d.jpg

I had a little of the Imperial Pumpkin by Dry Dock left in my fridge; It has been staring at me for a month, waiting to be put to some good baking use. I reduced about a 1/2 cup down to 2 tablespoons so the rest of the beer was, of course, put to good drinking use πŸ™‚

 photo PB193195_zpsa89fd106.jpg

I was hoping some of the spices from the beer would come through in the cookies. Cinnamon and nutmeg were still thrown into the mix but I decreased the amount so that I could hopefully taste the flavor from the beer. These pumpkin cookies were, no doubt, delicious but it was difficult to tell if the beer was adding to the recipe.

 photo PB193190_zpscedda90d.jpg

Though I enjoy sipping on the Imperial Pumpkin by Dry Dock, it may not have a strong enough flavor to come through in the pumpkin cookies. Possibly a more pumpkin-y and spicy beer would do the trick or I was thinking a chocolate stout or porter might be fun to try.

The cream cheese glaze posted with the pumpkin cookies was the frosting I used last year but this time I used a simple butter cream. I love my cream cheese but I really enjoyed this lighter, buttery frosting as well.

 photo PB193188_zps1ff0af54.jpg

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am SUPER excited to enjoy time with family while drinking and eating to my heart’s content! πŸ˜€

Music For Your Ears:

~Serenade by Naked and Famous

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16 responses to “Test Trial Pumpkin Beer Cookies

  1. did the leavening change at all? Or maybe the beer’s yeast is dead by the time it hits the batter. I remember my grandpa using beer in pancakes and they were so fluffy!

    Love that you’re experimenting. Happy Thanksgiving to you πŸ™‚

    • Yes Liz, you are right about the beer making things fluffy from the yeast. I was not going for that addition to my cookies though. I just wanted the flavor. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Look forward to hearing whether the stout or porter is more pronounced in the cookies. They sound and look pretty perfect. I love baking (and cooking) with beer. Makes the best chocolate cake ever!! Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the food and time with the family.

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