Moose Drool

Brown ales are one of the first beer styles I start to think about as the nights get cooler and the leaves begin to change. There is something comforting about a nice, tasty brown ale. Moose Drool is one of those easy drinking, tasty brown ales. It is not too heavy yet full of the flavors that make you feel all snugly and warm inside. Literally, I want to snuggle up inside with this brown ale in hand 🙂

 photo P9192501_zpsdac33378.jpg

Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, Montana makes this craft brew. Moose Drool pours dark with a very small head that dissipates fairly quickly. It is 5.1% ABV. It has enough flavor to be drunk alone but it can easily be enjoyed with most foods.

 photo PA032841_zpsb211cace.jpg

If the drool coming out of the moose does not turn you on to it, than I do not know what will! 😀

 photo P9192499_zps900e8d3d.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hello’s

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20 responses to “Moose Drool

  1. It is def. a name that gets some getting used to. Not quite as odd as ordering a glass of Sexual Chocolate, but up there. I tried The Drool in San Diego some years back. Good stuff, though I wish I would get a change to try it again.

  2. We have a bar customer who is borderline obsessed with Moose Drool, and we very sadly can’t get it here in upstate NY. I used to enjoy it pretty regularly back in my California days, though. Good stuff!

    • Yea, you should and i bet you can get in NY. I don’t love all brown ales but there are ones i really like 🙂 if you can get your hands on ellies brown ale from avery (posted on here last year) that one is a favorite as well

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