Baltimore Brews

A couple weeks ago I went to Baltimore for a research conference and I am finally getting around to writing about it! It was a really great time and with the help from fellow bloggers and friends I was able to check out some cool places and taste some good brews 🙂

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The morning we left we were getting our first “snow” in Colorado. We went from chilly weather to 80/90 degree weather in Baltimore! It was awesome 🙂

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Fells Point and Fed Hills were the areas recommended to me. Fells Point was filled with lots of bars and restaurants along or near the water. It was definitely the happening place on a Saturday night. Fed Hills was another cool area that had lots of bars. I would have liked it if I could have explored more but I did not have the time.

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DuClaw Brewing

Before even leaving the airport we had good beer and crab cakes at DuClaw Brewing! They had a variety of tasty beers and the crab cakes were delicious!

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We also tried the soft pretzel topped with crab dip and cheese baked to perfection. This meal alluded to the type of food we would be indulging in for the remainder of the weekend!

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Online reviews led me to the AleWife for lunch one day. It was only about 7 blocks from the convention center so it was a nice walk which was definitely needed after stuffing ourselves.

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The smoked burger was the only thing mentioned in reviews and so I had to go for that. The smoked burger was an 11 oz house ground ribeye, brisket, skirt and filet of beef burger, smoked Gouda, Gruyere cheese, apple wood smoked bacon and caramelized Cipollini onion, and chipotle aioli on a brioche bun. Mouthful, right? Well, the burger was as well! 😀

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The Alewife had a great selection of beer. I tried the Full Tilt Patterson Pumpkin, Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout, and Flying Dog In De Wildeman Farmhouse IPA. The pumpkin was light in body, super flavorful and spicy. In De Wildeman was an IPA with a saison yeast. It was a calmer IPA with less hops.

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Alewife on Urbanspoon

Max’s Taphouse

Max’s Taphouse is a beer bar located in Fells Point. It was not necessarily recommended to me but it had been mentioned as a place to get lots of beer. I went there late Saturday to grab a beer and some food. The place was packed and even though there had been a festival all day, it sounded like that was the normal for a Saturday night. I sat at the bar so I still managed to get served within a timely manner.

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There was definitely a large selection of beer which made it difficult to choose. One of my favorite things is to have a bartender pick out one of the local beers for me. If they really know beer this is typically a great method. Though they were super busy, the bartender, Jamie Ritter, gave phenomenal service. He definitely made my experience and it was so impressive that I had to get his name. He kept taking the time to pick out beers and this was not something he was just doing for me. Multiple costumers mentioned how great he was and how he had turned them on to certain beers. That is what I call a damn good bartender!

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In landlocked Colorado, aquariums are hardly a big deal so I was unaware of the popularity of the Baltimore Aquarium before visiting. Luckily, someone told me I had to go and it was a great time!

 photo IMG_0599_zpsf2e9b70b.jpg photo IMG_0597_zps008062fd.jpg photo IMG_0584_zpsa8674b73.jpg photo IMG_0573_zpsd2adc6b9.jpg photo IMG_0569_zpsb2914aa6.jpg photo IMG_0567_zps663f463a.jpg

Oddly enough, after exploring the aquarium we went to eat some crab!! This was my first real experience eating Maryland crab. I was taught how to use the mallet correctly and after a couple, I felt I was becoming an expert 🙂

 photo IMG_0612_zps10c259d0.jpg

The crab was awesome! We had a great time getting messy and my hands smelt like crab for the remainder of the evening- no complaints!

 photo IMG_0607_zps4ad7db39.jpg

While in Fells Point I also checked out Rye which was a classy bar with awesome cocktails. Their food menu also looked amazing but I did not try anything because when I went they had a limited menu. In Fed Hills, I went to Pub Dog which is a pizza and drafthouse. They had really friendly service and cheap beer. I suggest going with someone because all the beer was 2 for 1 and I mean you get 2 of every beer you order 🙂 I really enjoyed their Grand Marnier Ale which is a seasonal beer.

Other beers I tried were the Flying Dog The Truth Imperial IPA, Brewer’s Art Birdhouse Pale Ale, Evolution Lot No.6, and of course natty boh! 🙂 Cheers!

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24 responses to “Baltimore Brews

  1. Seems like you put your time to some very good use! I’ve never heard of Alewife before, but next time I’m up there I will surely check it out. And guess what, I’m starving and I’m on your blog, I’m seeing a pattern develop.

  2. As someone who lives very near Baltimore, I can honestly say you hit nearly all the main spots in a weekend so great job! Hope you enjoyed our newly growing beer scene! 🙂

  3. I was born and raised in Baltimore. 🙂 I need to apologize for your crabcake, though. That place was not representing a proper Maryland crabcake. You’ll just have to make a return visit sometime. 😀

  4. Growing up in the DC area, I did some barhopping of my own in Baltimore back in the pre-historic days. I find it to be such an odd yet intriguing place. Absolutely enjoyed your tour! It makes me want to go there again and definitely gives me ideas for exploring it. Don’t know if you like her writing, but one thing about Baltimore that is so special is that the novelist Anne Tyler lives there!

    • Thank you Azita! I really had a fun time and thought it was a pretty cool city. I have not read any Anne Tyler books. What is her style of writing? Which is your favorite?

      • She writes about average ordinary lives and families and she is a masterful storyteller and her characters feel absolutely convincing and real in every way and they are always set and live in Baltimore! 🙂 I’ll confess I didn’t entirely care for her writing when I was in my twenties, I appreciate it but didn’t enjoy it … found them a bit claustrophobic in theme if that makes sense, but when older I absolutely love her work. So maybe you should wait till you are older too! 😉 I recommend all of her books but The Accidental Tourist (it was also turned into a movie) is a classic and good one to start. And as a hyphenated American I have to also recommend you check out her Digging to America book, which has an Iranian family as a protagonist as well. (Her longtime husband , now deceases husband is/was Iranian as well … interestingly and randomly enough.) Sorry for LONG reply!

      • Don’t be! Thank you for sharing all of that 🙂 I will definitely check out the book you recommended and I guess I will find out if I need to wait until I am older or not, lol. The Digging to America also sounds like a book I would like. I love reading but do not have too much time for it currently but maybe over the holiday break!!

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