Out of the Kitchen and into the Tap House: Women in Beer

Tristan Chan from PorchDrinking approached me a while back about doing an article on the growth of women in beer. I was super stoked, to say the least! This is something I am obviously passionate about as a lady beer lover and active participant in local beer groups. I hope you will head over to their website to check it out- I have left a little teaser to help lure you 🙂

By now it is obvious that craft beer is exploding across the nation. New breweries are opening up often, especially in Colorado, and the community continues to support the growing industry. Beer events are constantly packed with beer enthusiasts and the Great American Beer Festival continues to sell out faster and faster each year- yet, I am not sure of how much longer the record time can be beat as selling out is getting down to a matter of minutes. Though men originally were the beer drinkers, more and more women are acquiring a taste for beer and local groups, like the Crafty Ladies and Ales 4 FemAles, and national groups, like Girls Pint Out and Women Enjoying Beer, are vastly increasing with passionate and curious women.

Rightfully so, women used to hate alcohol because it kept their husbands away, abusive and irresponsible to the wife and family they were supposed to nurture. Though women may have been partly the culprits behind prohibition back in the 1920s, today our nation has progressed significantly with a corresponding increase of women in the work force which is also evident in the growing craft beer industry. Careers in engineering, technology, law enforcement, sports, and business are still highly dominated by men but women continue to work themselves into these careers as they seek their passions…to continue reading, visit my guest post on PorchDrinking.com

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10 responses to “Out of the Kitchen and into the Tap House: Women in Beer

  1. Such an amazing post! There are a fair amount of women (myself included) that are avid beer drinkers. In some cases, we know more about beer than some of the men. This always gives us a nice beer-ego boost! haha 🙂 Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Such a great post! One of the things I’ve noticed here in my little town is that women tend to be a little more adventurous about trying new and different beers. Most of the women I encounter aren’t loyal to a particular brand and just want to drink something that tastes good, whereas many of the men have been drinking Bud or Coors since before they were old enough to drink and it can be a lot tougher to persuade them to try something new.

    • Hey, thank you so much! I think your experiences with the situation happen here as well. It might be part stubbornness with those boys! Lol but ya it does seem like a lot of women are more adventurous with their palettes 🙂 there are still a lot more men enjoying craft beer here but regardless, the main thing is both women and men can like/know beer and both men and women can hate beer. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love this article. Heading over to read the full length one now. It’s always inspiring to see women moving into traditionally male-dominated industries. Like the beer industry, wine is also dominated by men so I love occasionally hearing about/talking to a woman who is living out her passion in these aforementioned areas. It’s hard work but amazingly rewarding 🙂 Thanks for this topic xxx

  4. Great post, you know its the same whether wine or beer women are just now finding a voice. It has always been male dominated. I thought your article was insightful and so glad that you are the voice for women in beer,

    • Thank you so much! A lot is dominated by men- even things that seem like they would be more dominated by women. Like I would think wine and even cooking would be more dominated by women. And I am speaking of cooking on a commercial level- seems there are more male chefs though. I guess it is society still trying to get more and more away from the woman not necessarily being the stay-at-home parent. Thank you so much for reading!

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