Oktoberfest Denver

Oktoberfest in Denver took place this past weekend and will start again today. Grab your stein, get on your lederhosens, and get down to Oktoberfest Denver this weekend for some bier, bratwursts, pretzels, music, German dancing, and contests like stein hoisting and bratwurst eating.

 photo P9282751_zpsd59c724a.jpg

Though it may be nothing like the extended 16-day Oktoberfest in Munich, it is the closet thing for us Denverites. Last Saturday, events took off with the Das HustleHoff 5K Fun Run! I did not get to see this but I hope some people were running in lederhosens!!

 photo P9282800_zps5c41279e.jpg

There were bands playing all day and this will continue through this weekend. To get a list of bands check out the schedule.

 photo P9282783_zps8b58a5ed.jpg

Some people even knew the real German dancing! It was fun to watch.

 photo P9282775_zps3b627a3f.jpg

I could not attend Oktoberfest without getting a pretzel! Rarely do I eat pretzels but they are a must at any Oktoberfest and really they should be at all beer festivals!

 photo P9282789_zpsaea81582.jpg

Though the people in actual full costume were few and far between, many people celebrated with their steins! Oktoberfest was a gathering of young and old, stumbling and sober, attentive and oblivious, clumsy and graceful.

 photo P9282734_zpsb29594c8.jpg photo P9282733_zps6583953b.jpg

There were various games and contests going on. This one looked particularly difficult with the goal of the game to roll a keg into a pyramid of kegs at the end. This woman got a few!

 photo P9282798_2_zps9e6a36fe.jpg photo P9282799_2_zpsabc8744f.jpg

There was, of course, Stein Hoisting competitions. This was only the qualifiers and I could feel the intensity! I guess really I could see how much pain they were in! 🙂 The finals are Saturday at 9 pm so you best be there if you want to see some strong men and women showing off their stein studliness (yes, that is not a real word but Urban Dictionary counts it!).

 photo 80e36540-2508-41e2-bacc-49c34fefbfa5_zps2783a2e2.jpg

This festival is about drinking some beer, having some fun and flirting with the German culture. If you just want to relax and have a good time with games, this festival will be a good time. By next year, I hope to partake in the real deal- Oktoberfest in Munich!!

If your down to change gears from lederhosens and stein hoisting to tasting some ridiculous craft beer from across the nation, than make sure you are a part of all the 2013 Great American Beer Festival activities that are right around the corner! There will be tons of activities starting this weekend and they will go through next weekend! Denver Off the Wagon has compiled a great list of GABF activities so you don’t miss out! Also make sure to check out PorchDrinking for the GABF Brewery List and information on the GABF app so you do not get lost in all the beer! 😀

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7 responses to “Oktoberfest Denver

  1. Looks like fun! I know you mentioned going to Maryland, if you happen to catch any other Oktoberfests, they are well worth going. At last count the one in National Harbor offered 250 varieties of beer.

    • I was there during the festivities but didn’t make it to fells point, where it was, until After it had ended. It looked like a crazy time though- lots of people out and about.

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