Orange Coconut French Toast

The weather in Colorado has made a fairly drastic change. Saturday I was soaking up the sun at the pool and now I am snuggled up in hoodies and jeans 🙂 There are no complaints though. I enjoy summer and all the activities but fall is my favorite and with school back in session, I needed a weather change to slow down my active life!

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It has definitely been difficult getting back into the swing of things with school, work and research. Hopefully, the cold, wet rain will keep me at the local coffee shop instead of at a brewery 😛

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There is one more activity planned that hopefully does not get ruined by this rain. We are hiking Mount Elbert this Saturday. It is the highest Colorado peak and I am super excited to fit one more 14er in for the season!

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Originally, I had not planned on posting this recipe but after I enjoyed it so much, I felt I should share it with all of you 🙂 The inspiration in this breakfast was to use up coconut milk and the fresh raspberries I had on hand. The orange in this recipe sounded perfect and influenced fresh squeezed mimosas as well 😀

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French toast can be heavy sometimes but this recipe was super light and the flavors were so delightful together. Let this light, fresh, and delicious french toast brighten up your day! It was easy to whip up and even easier to consume 🙂

Orange Coconut French Toast
~Servings: 2
~Adapted from Fork Knife Swoon

6 slices thick french bread
2 eggs
1/2 cup (little more) coconut milk
1/4 cup (little less) fresh orange juice
zest of 1 orange
3/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
3/4 tsp kosher salt
butter or coconut oil

Note: The original recipe was mainly followed but I removed the coconut extract. I also altered the recipe to be for 6 pieces instead of 8. My measurements are rough estimates but it turned out to be the perfect amount.

Fresh Squeezed Mimosa

5 oranges, juiced (roughly includes juice for french toast and 4 Mimosas)
1 bottle Champagne (Cupcake)
Cointreau (1 T per 8 oz of drink)

What To Do:

Juice the oranges. Strain pulp from juice. Prepare mimosas for sipping while cooking 🙂

Beat the eggs with the coconut milk and orange juice in a shallow wide bowl. Add the orange zest, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and salt.

Heat a large skillet on medium-high heat. Melt butter or coconut oil in skillet. Meanwhile, soak each piece of bread 10 seconds on each side. Once skillet is hot, add pieces of bread. Depending on how thick your bread is cook 3-5 minutes on each side until golden brown.

If cooking a lot, place pieces in oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit to keep them warm.

Melt butter on the warm french toast. Top with whip cream, fresh fruit and coconut flakes. Enjoy!

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Music For Your Ears:

~Wings by Birdy

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31 responses to “Orange Coconut French Toast

  1. Why in the world have I never thought of using coconut milk for pancakes?! Girl, you’re brilliant! I’ve been obsessed with coconut lately and it must taste fantastic with the orange. These look amazing!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I love to put coconut milk in everything 🙂 You should definitely try it in french toast. The weather could not have been better- we definitely thought it would be questionable but we only experienced snow for short periods of time and mainly just on top of the peak. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Your orange coconut french toast sounds fabulous Lilly – wonderful flavours. But I’ve never really understood the American tradition of serving something like this with bacon. On the other hand, the mimosa needs no explanation at all!

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