Get your appetite ready because your mouth will be salivating and thirsty after reading this review. Recently, I was invited in to review a specialty menu at Zengo, a restaurant next to Riverfront Park which lies between downtown and the lower highlands. I was thrilled to be honored with this invitation and excited to try it for the first time. And by “try,” I mean I tasted almost half the menu! πŸ˜€

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Foie Gras-Plantain Mofongo Shumai

Zengo is a Latin-Asian inspired restaurant by chef-owner Richard Sandoval. The Denver location was the original Zengo but there is now three other locations: New York, Washington D.C., and Santa Monica.

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Every few months the chefs at Zengo develop new recipes that combine cuisine and spirits from one Latin and one Asian country. This is called the test kitchen (TK) menu and it contains specialty small plates that represent the flavors and techniques from the specific countries. The latest TK menu combines dishes from Hong Kong and San Juan.

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Gingered Bourbon

We started off with some specialty cocktails on the TK menu: the Gingered Bourbon and Strawberry-Lemon Mojito. They were both quite tasty. The strawberry-lemon mojito was surprisingly not too sweet. It was refreshing and like drinking strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day. The ginger liqueur fuzed well with the bourbon in the cocktail making it a perfectly balanced drink; It was topped with fresh lemon juice and mint.

 photo 20130829_190314_zps1b3996e2.jpg

Adobo Sweet n’ Sour BBQ Pork Ribs

Next, we ordered a few appetizers: TK Adobo Sweet N’ Sour BBQ Pork Ribs, TK Foie Gras-Plantain Mofongo Shumai, XO Edamame, and Hamachi and Tuna Tiradito. They were all very delicious! The ribs were fall off the bone good and were accompanied with heavenly fried cheese balls. The Shumai had the XO sauce on it and if you have ever had the XO Edamame you know that is a fabulous thing!

 photo 20130829_190226_zpsc8b89ad3.jpg

Strawberry-Lemon Mojito

The XO sauce on the edamame is made with shrimp, scallops, serrano chiles, prosciutto, and other flavoring. The recipe can actually be found here. It was definitely not just any ole edamame!

 photo 20130829_190256_zps6715d08f.jpg

XO Edamame

We did the tasting of two tiraditos: humachi and tuna. The humachi tiradito had cucumber and siracha sauce. The tuna tiradito had avocado and radish. Both dishes were fresh, light and pleasant. The Lychee Bellini was another TK cocktail. It was on the sweeter side but was still fairly delicate.

 photo 20130829_193042_zps20122fae.jpg

Lychee Bellini

After ordering drinks from the special menu, I ventured out to try the regular mojito. Once again, I was surprised at the delicacy of the drink and happy the sweetness was not overbearing. Mojitos can be made way too sweet but this one was done well.

 photo 20130829_193114_zps88181162.jpg

Mojito Cuzco

For the main dishes we had the Hong Kong Roast Chicken and Chipotle Miso Glazed Black Cod. The roast chicken was a hearty dish of chicken, Chinese broccoli, tomatoes, and other vegetables. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the overall dish was something I would eat regularly.

 photo 20130829_195822_zpsa887d376.jpg

Hong Kong Roast Chicken

Though the choice was difficult, the second main dish was the Chipotle Miso Glazed Black Cod. The flavors and texture are hard to even describe; the fish melted in your mouth. The miso glaze added to the already creamy cod making it a delightful combination. It was not a heavy dish but definitely rich.

 photo 20130829_195635_zps31982f39.jpg

Chipotle Miso Glazed Black Cod

Though we probably should have not been able to consume another bite, the Abuelita & Peanut Butter Semifreddo was calling my name. This semifreddo was topped with Mexican chocolate, puffed rice-pretzel crumble, and rum caramel. I was satisfied πŸ˜›

 photo 20130829_202558_zps1815257e.jpg

Abuelita & Peanut Butter Semifreddo

The Zengo experience was a great one! I am not sure it could be anything less than great when delicious food and drinks are involved πŸ™‚ Zengo is a nice restaurant but has a good atmosphere that is still casual and relaxing. Bon AppΓ©tit!

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Music For Your Ears:

~I’m Good, I’m Gone by Lykke Li

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  3. Good gosh–that’s a lot of amazing in one place!!! The Gingered Bourbon cocktail sounds dreamy. All of that food–really–has me swooning. So glad you got in for a review πŸ™‚ Now will have to wait for one to turn up in Mpls.

    • ha ha thank you Liz. I figured you would like the cocktails πŸ˜‰ The Gingered bourbon was delicious or rather, dreamy- I like your descriptive word πŸ™‚

    • Yes, it is in NYC so you should be able to try it. The Edamame sauce is so good! It is on the higher end so you have to be open to a little bit of spending but I guess a lot of restaurants in NYC are probably on the higher end. Thank you!

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