Heroes Against Hunger

Denver-area chefs, restaurants and food organizations gathered together in an event to help raise awareness in the fight against childhood hunger. Engine 7 Films, a Denver based video production company, sponsored Heroes Against Hunger Block Party this past weekend. It was an event for the whole family with games, food demonstrations, a farmers’ market, and live music.

Engine 7 Films created a film that features chef Jensen Cummings, of the Slotted Spoon, as he describes Heroes Against Hunger…

The event was a collaboration between Heroes Against Hunger and the No Kid Hungry Campaign by Share Our Strength, one of the country’s leading organizations working to end childhood hunger in America. Organizations like Slow Food Denver, Denver Urban Gardens, and Cooking Matters Colorado made a presence at this event as well to help support and educate.

 photo P8172053_zps39a1d44c.jpg

Other chefs and restaurants involved were Chef Tyler Wiard of Elway’s, Chef Jeff Osaka of Twelve Restaurant, Chef Daniel Asher of Linger, Chef Matt Selby of Corner House, and Chef Brandon Foster of Vesta Dipping Grill.

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Google and I have been in this battle about what e-mails of mine are important and which are not…Google has been winning so some e-mails have been missed or not found for weeks but when I finally saw the e-mail on the Heroes Against Hunger Block Party, I immediately wanted to be involved.

 photo P8172057_zps45f7b398.jpg

Originally, I was asked to write a piece to help spread the word but since Google and I were arguing, I did not find the e-mail until the day before the event. Better late than never though! Luckily, I was still able to attend the event to write this review because though this event is in the past, raising awareness of childhood hunger is still something I can be a part of 🙂

 photo P8172076_zps9b96d224.jpg

Infinite Monkey Theorem

It was a great event filled with people representing an important cause. It was inspiring to see these chefs from big restaurants showing their support and dedication to the community. Great Divide and Infinite Monkey Theorem were other supporters on the drink side of things. Though it would seem I always go for beer, wine in a can was rather intriguing and it did not disappoint.

 photo P8172056_zps988f019e.jpg

I hope this event continues annually and grows as the Denver-area community becomes more aware and involved. Please check out some of these organizations I have provided to see how you can get involved in the fight against childhood hunger.

Music For Your Ears:

~Walk On By by Noosa


14 responses to “Heroes Against Hunger

  1. What a fantastic initiative Lilly! Great review…. I have huge admiration and respect for business and restaurant owners that want to make a difference in their local area. Hopefully this idea spreads like wildfire (including over here in Australia!) xx

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