Stout Pie

Though summer is coming to an end, there are still some warm days ahead. Make sure to get any last minute summer activities in and if you’re looking for the perfect dessert for your end of summer BBQ or August/September birthdays, this is the one!

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I believe I have teased about this famous stout pie in the past and you guys have waited so patiently 🙂 This ice cream pie has been a birthday dessert tradition for quite a while. Many of us kids, as well as my nieces/nephews, have requested this pie time after time for our desired dessert choice but the ice cream flavors constantly vary.

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There has never been a combination of flavors I have not enjoyed but my taste buds are a little different then let’s say, my 9 year old niece…this stout pie, evident by name, has always had one layer of beer infused ice cream. Of course, some of my nieces/nephews do not quite have the taste buds for the delicious beer so they sometimes request other things and RUIN the dessert 🙂 Just kidding! In general, you cannot go wrong with ice cream pie and if you add some beer, well you know my feelings 🙂

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Though I have probably never had the same combination of ice cream twice, I typically request coffee, espresso chip, heath bar, and anything along those lines. The marriage of coffee, beer and chocolate in ice cream is just about the best thing ever! The Snowcat Coffee Stout by Crazy Mountain Brewing was the beer of choice this time. Most stouts will work so just use your favorite one and I would suggest a Coffee Stout if you want the most amazing combination of flavors 🙂

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These are all rough measurements because there really is no measuring in this dessert process…

Stout Pie

2 cups of Oreos (about a 1/3 of package)
Melted butter
Vanilla ice cream (for beer layer)
2 quarts of ice cream (pick your flavors)
1 cup (or more) beer

Put Oreos in a Cuisinart (see note if not available). Add enough melted butter to make the crumbs stick together.

Prepare 8″ spring form pan by covering inside with foil. Make crust in pan and then put in freezer for about 30 minutes.

Before crust is done, take out ice cream for first layer to get it a little soft.

When crust is ready, scoop ice cream into pan. Use a piece of plastic wrap to push down on ice cream and form layer. Add Oreo crumbs between layers if desired.

Put pan in freezer for about an hour. Repeat for other layers.

For the beer layer, set the vanilla ice cream out to get soft. Use an electric mixer to combine beer with vanilla ice cream. Add beer to taste. If you have a 12 oz bottle, you will probably use the whole thing. If using a bomber, add about a cup and then taste it to see if it needs more.

Note: If you do not have a Cuisinart you can always do the old bag trick with a hammer.

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Music For Your Ears:

~Closer Than This by St. Lucia

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29 responses to “Stout Pie

  1. I’m in! Love how the sauce is dripping down the sides and the pie is starting to get just a bit melty. All very mouthwatering 🙂 What a fantastic way to (begin to) close out summer. Hurrah!

  2. I’ve been trying to think of a dessert for a friend’s birthday and you’ve just given me the solution. This will be very well-received. Thanks for the idea!

    • Yes, it really is not complicated 😀 And the end is so rewarding 🙂 You do have to have a few hours but you can always get stuff done in between adding layers. Enjoy!

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