Sexy Summer Blonde

Everything about this beer is sexy. The blonde on the label helps with the sexy factor but it really just fair warns you for the experience that lies ahead…

 photo P7221492_zps5a57c399.jpg

This apricot, light and crisp blonde is a deliciously easy beer to drink. For those that have been following for a while, you know my heart is with IPAs and typically fruit beers are WAY too sweet for me but this blonde has caught my eye πŸ˜‰

 photo P7221499_zps2769a78e.jpg

The Apricot Blonde by Dry Dock Brewing is a fantastic summer beer. Last year it won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the fruit beer category. Dry Dock gets the strong apricot flavor without adding artificial flavors or colors.

Dry Dock distribution is currently in CO but Libations Wine & Spirits will ship to states/counties that allow it. Go to the link to see if you can get some!

 photo P7221487_zps3c29271f.jpg

Music For Your Ears:

~Amsterdam by Peter Bjorn and John

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11 responses to “Sexy Summer Blonde

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  2. I love that sunshiny, happy picture! (second one) … You are super good at describing/portraying what you love and enjoy πŸ™‚ And that’s what I love about you, sweetheart πŸ™‚

  3. Oh man. Apricot beer? Sounds horrible, but I completely and utterly trust your palate Lilly Sue, so if you say it’s good it must be! We have a brewery called Matso’s in Western Australia that does a mango beer. Not sure if it’s stocked where you are but it’s actually pretty good. I was surprised! πŸ™‚

    • ha ha well, do you like apricots? If you don’t like that taste then it would be horrible but if you like apricots this beer is so light, refreshing and easy to drink. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I can get some beer ordered but I doubt it is stocked here.

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